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Hurricane Sandy: An unwelcome House Party guest

Week of 11/12/12 - Relief Update: Resources and Partners

We wanted to make sure to provide some further information for those who've suffered loss of homes or businesses in the wake of superstorm Sandy. There's federal relief available to help you. Information is available on the Federal Emergency Management Agency site located at This site provides information on the types of assistance available, as well as how to apply for assistance specific to Hurricane Sandy damage.

For those who've suffered less severe damage, please remain in contact with your home insurance agency. Be sure to question what is covered on your policies. For example, some policies will allocate coverage towards a generator if you've been without power for a certain amount of time. Coverage may also include payment for loss of perishable food items resulting from power outages. Your policy advisor can also assist you with coverage issues that you might not be aware of, so be sure to explain your complete situation. Another pertinent example is if your neighbor's tree falls on your property, you may be responsible for removing the tree. As with any claim, be sure to clarify your deductible specifics as well.

Make sure you also check with your local resources. In some cases, local businesses are offering assistance or support either through discounts or fundraising efforts. There are plenty of items available from batteries and food to clothing and supplies for those suffering more significant losses. Be supportive of your neighbors. Even offering a hot shower or laundry support can make a huge difference during these times.

We're proud to pass along word that our partners KmartR and Sandra Lee have teamed up to also provide support to those affected in the wake of superstorm Sandy. In a recent segment on Fox News, Sandra outlined the lengths to which she and the KmartR teams are going to commit resources to stricken areas of the Northeast.

Among other named partners are the American Red Cross and Share Our Strength, both of which are working to address issues such as ensuring children receive adequate food and nutrition during this time as well as basic provisions for families and victims of the natural disaster. We urge you if it's at all within your financial means or availability to please consider committing to the relief efforts either by way of a donation, needed supplies or through volunteer hours. Thanks again for being truly stellar members of our House Party community!

Week of 10/29/12 - Storm Update:

We wanted to take a minute to share what's happening at House Party HQ in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, as well as send a shout out to all the party cats who've been effected. First and foremost, your safety and your family's safety is our primary concern. We hope you're all safe and sound.

Our headquarters in Irvington, NY has been without power since the storm, and as you can see from the photos, our parking lot, which offers stunning views of the Hudson River, decided to become one with the river. Thankfully our offices were not flooded at all but many of the local restaurants we share space with, were.

Luckily, even though some staff still have no power at their homes, no one was hurt and no one had severe damage. As you know, this is not the case for dozens of residents of Long Beach, Breezy Point and other coastal areas of NY and NJ.

We often feel helpless at a time like this and want to contribute to those who are hurting. You can always give to the Red Cross if you'd like to help and additionally, NBC is holding a telethon tonight to raise money for those who've lost everything.

Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together airs Friday from 8 to 9 p.m EST on NBC, and also on NBCU channels E!, CNBC, MSNBC, Style, Syfy and G4. Other networks might join ahead of the special, which will be broadcast live from NBC's 30 Rock studios in New York and live-streamed on

Thank you again for being an awesome House Party member, bearing with us during this tough time and please stay safe.

Featured photo courtesy of Elaine Vigneault.


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