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We're playing a prank on Brian today

Today is our House Party HQ Halloween Party! To celebrate, Sarah, Liz, Danielle, Jared and Shana are playing a prank on our good friend Brian, who you've come to know so well through his blog posts. He's probably reading this right now and wishing he never came in today. To give you a little insider info, as our Social Media Strategist, Brian is an awesome team leader. He holds our department together with amazing organizational skills, social media know-how, and a go-get-'em spirit. We appreciate all of the hard work he's done for us! So, loyal House Partiers, please know that this prank was out of love.

We're all dressed up as 'various' Brians for Halloween. Being a Brian involves:

  • Being extremely polite
  • Apologizing at least 3x/hour
  • Loving social media
  • Enjoying hobbies such as exploring NYC and adventure sports like rafting and skydiving
  • Playing lots of U2
  • Eating rice cakes and spicy peanuts
  • Writing very long sentences that begin with "That said"

We'll spare you the rest of the details - we just know the guy so well.

Each of us is taking on a different side of Brian's personality:

Liz is Tennis Brian

Tennis Brian is a sporty guy, lover of the outdoors and competition. Usually found rocking some sweet cargo shorts, Brian tennis loves everything from a challenging tennis rally to jumping out of a perfectly good plane. 'Nuff said.

Jared is Business Brian

Business Brian is the Social Media Director at House Party, Inc. - one heck of a special place where he works and plays during the week. Mainly, he works to continuously develop House Party's brand digital/social strategies, assist in integrating campaigns with client brand communities and develop training and policy cross-functionally within the organization. He's accrued a Bachelor's Degree in Art (Design), an MBA in Marketing/Advertising, 8 years of corporate account experience, and 7 years of French language experience.

Sarah is Casual Brian

Casual Brian wears lots of plaid and knows that working hard means playing hard. When he's not busy keeping up with social media trends as a hobby, he's checking out the latest that New York City has to offer (from proposing to his fiance at the Cloisters to enjoying his lively Harlem neighborhood), ditching the TV (that's right, he doesn't own one) for an outdoor adventure, hanging out with his fiance and cat or keeping up with old pals from Minnesota and family from Colorado. He also gets creative in the kitchen (as we know from his dishwasher cooking posts), and enjoys a nice bourbon to wind down.

Shana is Conference Brian

Brian wouldn't miss the next best social media conference or networking event, even if it meant taking four different trains in one day! With his industry-standard dressed-down blazer/t-shirt combo, Conference Brian proves you CAN mix business and pleasure when you just love what you do so much. Conference Brian is always prepared with his iPad (and computer, of course, if House Party duties call!), a pen and paper, and tons of business cards. It's as if Business Brian and Casual Brian were actually the same person.

Danielle is Urban Midwest Hooligan Brian

Brian is from the Midwest. He's an aw-shucks kind of guy, but then again, he often can be seen rocking a "v fingers" rapper pose and quoting song lyrics that are not off the farm. Urban Midwest Hooligan Brian likes to wear plaid over a t-shirt and cargo pants with sneakers and this look is best demonstrated with a backwards cap and oversize headphones around the neck. As Brian would say, this look is "dirty."

The best part of the prank? He came dressed up as our big boss, CTO, Mike Hermus. We told him we were all going to dress up like Mike, and he totally fell for it. We'll post a photo of the two of them later.

Brian, first, we want to say (in true Brian spirit) that we're sorry. Secondly, thank you for being such a great leader - and a great sport!

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