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Thanks for joining us at the Winter FUNderland Twitter Party on 11/27!

Thanks for joining us at the Winter FUNderland Twitter Party on Tuesday! We celebrated the holiday season, met other House Partiers on Twitter and almost 100 of you won some awesome prizes! Check out the information from our latest Twitter Party.

If this is your first Twitter Party and you have questions, don't worry. Check out our handy Twitter Party 101!


Even though the conversation will be the gift that keeps on giving, it wouldn't be a Twitter Party without some prizes to help you have an even happier holiday season!

Gifts you could win:

  • House Party goodies
  • House Specials coupon codes
  • (4) Pie-of-the-month subscriptions to help get you through the winter
  • (2) Gourmet hot chocolate makers
  • (1) Bakeware set & $100 VISA gift card

How prizing works during the party:

Keep an eye on @housepartyfun's tweets throughout the Twitter Party for information on how to win. Most prizes will be randomly given away throughout the party, but there'll be an important trivia portion, too - so get that search engine ready!

  • We'll announce winners periodically throughout the hour, so make sure to stay until the end when we'll be giving away the biggest prizes
  • Each person can only win ONE prize, excluding House Party goodies - so winning House Party stuff doesn't take you out of the running for the other prizes
  • At the end of the hour, we'll direct message each winner individually
  • Each winner will need to provide the email address associated with his or her House Party account

To prepare:

  • If you're new to Twitter: set up your account as soon as you can and start to use it. This will prevent your brand new account from being flagged. Twitter has important rules and guidelines to keep its community safe from spam and dangerous or offensive comments, and a brand new account that's tweeting at a high rate during a Twitter Party might result in an unnecessary flag on your account.
  • Follow us on @housepartyfun
  • Make sure you're a registered House Party member (otherwise you aren't eligible to win the Winter FUNderland Twitter Party prizes)
  • Review the address associated with your House Party account and update it if you need to - you'll be happy you did this if you win and have a prize headed in your direction
  • Spread the word - the more the merrier!
    • It's easy: just hit the "Tweet this" button at the top of this blog post so your followers can see what we're up to

So, remember...

WHEN: November 27, 8pm EST HASHTAG: #HPholidays HOST: @housepartyfun TWEETGRID: Check it out! Just enter your Twitter username in the right column, and you're ready to party. RULES: The official Twitter Party rules are available here

See you then!

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