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"One two three fourCan I have a little more? Five six seven eight nine ten I love you"

You've read four lines already and you're likely asking yourself, "What on earth is this about?" Well, this post isn't about nursery rhymes, it's not a training session on how to count and (even though it would seem otherwise), this post is not even on the topic of famous Beatles songs from Yellow Submarine.

It is, however, an acknowledgement that today is a pretty cool day in numerical terms: it's 10-11-12. While there's nothing on record that we can find about this day's numerical importance - no monuments erected, no parade being held, not even a toot of a celebratory horn - we didn't want to let this little idiosyncratic gem sneak by. It's like those few times when you glance at your watch to notice 11:11 as the second hand sweeps past the "2." Traditionally, people make a wish at that moment and we think this day deserves no less.

However, instead of wishing for something, we thought we'd make it a whole lot easier and just grant a wish on a day like today. So, from us to you on this 10-11-12 day, we invite you to visit our Facebook Page for a special one-day-only 11%-off coupon code for any of our House Specials. That's don't even need to close your eyes and concentrate hard; this is our gift to you!

Happy 10-11-12 day! Now, go collect your gift!

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