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The House Party Summer Wrap Up

Wow, summer has officially come to an end - can you believe it?? I can't, but luckily we have some wonderful memories to look back on. 1. The inaugural House Party Olympics! To get in the Olympic Spirit, we picked teams and headed out to the fields for some friendly competition. We learned on the kickball field that Chris will do anything to arrive safe at base (including run over our CTO, Mike, at full force!) and that a water balloon toss can last quite a while when using regular balloons.

2. The Olympics also made it clear that kickball can be fun post-elementary school. A second round of ball was played before Labor Day weekend and once again, it ended in a tie...

3. We initiated Furry Fridays at the office this summer (as anyone who follows us on Twitter knows) allowing any dog owners to bring in the pooches for the day. While a few regulars graced the office, we got to meet a few new faces (er, snouts?) too. Check out this cutie - Monty!

4. Our office participated in some national holidays this summer, too - like National S'mores Day and National Root Beer Float Day! Just looking at these pictures makes our mouths water...

5. And when we weren't busy having fun, we reached some incredible milestones in the office as well! And many of them thanks to you guys:

* We launched House Specials, a deal program dedicated to delivering awesome deals to our community

* Our Facebook page surpassed the 100K 'Like' mark

* We launched an Instagram (follow us at housepartyfun) profile so you can keep up with us using the fun photo sharing app, too



6. Finally, game, set, match: It's come to our attention that many people in the office are avid tennis players, so we've been hitting the courts after work pretty regularly! No clear tennis stars have emerged, but we've got quite the competition brewing! Pictures to come.

What a great summer it was! What was your best memory of summer 2012?

[author] [author_image timthumb='on']#[/author_image] [author_info]Stephanie and Liz tag-teamed this post. Stephanie is a Program Manager at House Party. She splits her time between the Bronx and Jersey City. On the weekends, she loves going to the movies with her cinephile fiance. Stephanie's party tip: Don't stress. I tell myself, "everything can be cleaned." So don't worry and enjoy this time with your friends![/author_info] [/author]

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