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National Be Late for Something Day

(Aside)...wait, what?! I'm supposed to post on the blog today? But I'm right in the middle of something! *Ahem* Er, ok. Let me see what I can whip up then... In case you haven't already gathered, it's National Be Late for Something Day. In the spirit of the day, we're a bit, shall we say "tardy" in our post and, well, now you see our point. Though there appears to be no congressional record or executive order for this holiday, there's significant public awareness of it for us to bring it to you, the House Party community.

So, today, embrace the state of being "fashionably late." Relinquish yourself from the burdens of your watch, walk into meetings late with self-assurance and take a little extra time for you! You deserve it.

What are you going to be late for today?

Let's be clear though, House Party, of course, in no way endorses people being late for any actual meetings, appointments or obligations where time is of the essence, such as: job interviews, operating heavy machinery, surgery (as the patient or the surgeon), picking your kids up from school, diplomatic summits, international travel, trust falls, air traffic controller, etc.

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