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We need your help!

If you've been a long time blog reader, you'll remember that last March Brian, Sarah and I got the amazing opportunity to head down to Austin, TX for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival. It was a great time and although the food was amazing, the festival and the amount that we learned were so much greater. Well, this year we're taking it a step further! The three of us, and two House Party execs, have submitted proposals to have a role at the festival this year and share our expertise with the South by Southwest community. It would be a huge honor and privilege for any of us to get selected - and there's a way you can help! SXSW gives the people the power by allowing a percentage of the selection process to come from community votes. So, we're asking for a huge favor - visit our page, take a look at our proposals - and vote for us I you think we're on to something!


* Chris Maher (our CEO!) - All Earned Media Is Not Created Equal


* Mike Hermus - Scaling your Startup: Challenges & Solutions


* Brian & Sarah (with friends from VSnap and Skillshare, Inc) - I Walk the Line: Community engagement online & off


* Liz (me with some email marketing experts) - Keeping Email Relevant in a Microblogging World


Attending these conferences helps us learn how to better serve you, our loyal community, something we're always working to improve upon. So don't worry, by helping us out now, you'll definitely reap some of the rewards when we're back, and we'll be sure to document the adventure right here, on our blog!

Thank you so much for taking a minute to help us out - we really appreciate it!

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