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The House Party Office Olympics

It was a lovely day for some outdoor games - not too hot and rain free - as House Party employees gathered on a scenic park in Irvington, NY for some Olympic festivities. Separated into two teams, appropriately deemed House (beige House Party t-shirts) and Party (green House Party t-shirts), the Olympians were ready for an afternoon of competition. First on the list was a water balloon toss where team members paired up and tossed the balloons until each one broke. The green Party team took this victory. Then each team geared up for a 5-inning round of kickball. Green power players Ashley and Melissa kicked some multi-base shots, while the beige team had a few great catches in the outfield by Jared and Mike. The Party team took this win too, triumphing over House 5-2.

Next was the Hula Hoop Pass where team members held hands in a circle and raced to get a hula hoop around the circle fastest. Talk about team building! The House team easily took this win with time to spare.

The three-legged race was next where team members paired up and raced against each other. It was a close finish, but my team came in first (me and Jared!) only seconds before Chris and Chris flew over the finish line. Boy was that close!

Round 2 of the water balloon toss was next as a few more team members joined the fun after some meetings - including our CEO - check out the water balloon fight that ensued!

And finally we all gathered on the kickball field for a final game. Competition was tough this time around and you could cut the tension with a knife! From Chris knocking down Mike at second base... Chris Maher really showing his competitive side- fun was definitely had by all. The beige team almost pulled out a solid 4-2 win, but in the bottom of the 5th the green team was able to get in two runs with a huge kick by the Blog Team's own, Danielle. After 3 hours in the sun, we called it a tie and regrouped inside for some AC and hydration!


All in all, the first House Party Olympics was definitely a success and everyone had a blast enjoying some fresh air and healthy competition.

What are you doing to prepare and get in the Olympic spirit??

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