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Memo from the CTO: Group Photo

Earlier this year our CEO, Chris, addressed some questions from our community about host selection and how the 'Increase Your Chances' process works. Now, we're excited to share a new feature on that's another step towards making host selection more fair: the Group Photo. After every House Party event, once the party is over and the guests have all gone home, we're asking each host to submit a Group Photo. Anyone can take the Group Photo - you or one of your guests - but it should have as many partygoers as possible, showing off the fun you all had with the products featured in your Party Pack. You'll notice that we've added a line to the Party Pact asking applicants to agree to this, and existing hosts will see a Group Photo submission box on the right-hand side of their Party Pages (once their Party Date has passed).

This feature will help ensure that hosts who keep true to the spirit of House Party by using our Party Pack to have fun with as many friends as they can (and take the time to share their experiences through photos and videos), are recognized and rewarded. Simply put, hosts who consistently upload Group Photos from great House Parties will be selected over those who don't.

Here are some important notes about the Group Photo feature; hopefully, they'll answer any questions you may have:

  • We know not every party is huge and sometimes real life gets in the way. We aren't going to hold it against hosts who don't have the attendance they hoped for or occasionally can't upload a photo; we simply want people to have fun and do their best. However, if a host consistently doesn't upload a photo, it indicates to us that they aren't honoring the Party Pact.
  • We'd love to see group shots for past parties that you've hosted, but it's not required. However, we'll be asking for a Group Photo for every House Party you host moving forward. Even though you'll see the submission box appear on past Party Pages, we understand that you may not have one handy!
  • These photos will not be visible to the public, unless you, the host, choose to publish them. We respect your privacy and that of your guests. We completely understand that some of your guests may not be comfortable with having their photo posted on If you decide to publish the photo publicly, we know that you'll ask your guests' permission. You can even use this blog post as a cheat sheet to explain how the Group Photo works and why it's important.
  • We realize that not all of our members have cameras or an easy way to upload a Group Photo, which is why we're really shouting this new feature from the rooftop. We want every host - despite their access to technology - to be prepared. Next time you host a House Party, be sure to ask one of your guests to bring a camera (you can even include a message in your invitation which you create and send from The photos don't have to be top-quality - as long as we see a party filled with smiling faces, we'll be grateful for your contribution.

We hope that you're as excited about this new feature as we are. It's a step toward building a happier, stronger community filled with awesome hosts like you who truly embrace the House Party spirit. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ. If you still have questions you can always email Party on!

[author] Mike is the Chief Technology Officer for House Party, in charge of the product and technology that powers all the fun! He lives in southern Connecticut with his family, but is a New Yorker at heart. Mike has been involved in technology since he was a kid, when he learned to program on the first generation of personal computers. His party tip: laugh loud and laugh often. A party without laughter is no kind of party at all. [/author]

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