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Redesigning the House Party logo

A little over a year ago, the House Party logo moved into a new house. With the redesign of our website, we needed a matching new logo to go with it. So, to celebrate the logo's one-year anniversary, I want to share a little about the process of redesign that went into the new, shall we say "renovated," House Party logo.

The main change we made was to replace the radio waves from the first logo with a speech bubble. We felt that the speech bubble better represented the atmosphere of a House Party as we are, ultimately, all about word of mouth. Our House Party green had to be adjusted as well because it was too difficult to read white text over the top of it. The new logo also had to affect everything in the House Party family, such as the related House Perks and HouseLab logos.

The first step in the process was to start sketching by hand. No computer yet, just an old-fashioned pencil and paper. Often, we would use a dry erase board when we worked as a group. We sketched for a month. Sometimes we copied our drawings on a copy machine and then recolored them with crayons (there were no markers in the office that day...).

We sketch by hand first because it's easier to determine the layout of the logo. Does the bubble go inside or outside of the house? Does the house go next to the words or above them? Is there a space between House and Party? These were all problems we solved while sketching.

Once we had some good ideas, we scanned our drawings and put them into a computer. The computer is actually the easy part because the design is already figured out. It was just a matter of tracing. After all that, we narrowed down the logo to three options and management picked their favorite.

The final logo you see today is what was selected. The house obviously represents the home, where all house parties take place. The speech bubble represents all the fun and conversations that happen at the parties. The darker and more muted green replaced the old lime green and we added a greyish brown to the logo. House Perks, HouseLab and our newly created House Specials follow the same format as the House Party logo except each has their own unique color. We also came up with multicolored sparkles that we use to add some fun to certain House Party printed materials. If you're lucky, you've probably seen them on the tape we use to seal our Party Packs!

That about sums it up from us at the House Party UX (User Experience) department. Hopefully you've enjoyed seeing our new logo come to life over the past year.

What are your thoughts on the House Party logo or the process?

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