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How I became The Lucky One

Today's post is a guest post from House Party member, Julia Rose, whose House Party video around Nicholas Sparks' "The Lucky One" won her no less than a trip to the movie's Hollywood premiere. When I learned that House Party was offering a Nicholas Sparks Party I began working on a song and video to prove my dedication as a Nicholas Sparks fan. Between writing the song, recording, filming and editing, I found myself uploading the video at the last minute, on the very same day that the 1000, lucky hosts were to be announced.

It was Spring Break; my husband and I were taking our kids camping that day, but amidst packing, I logged into and read the unfortunate news: "We're sorry, you weren't selected to host this party." I was hugely disappointed that I wasn't one of the chosen few. Robotically, I finished packing, attempting to maintain my cheerful disposition despite my sense of loss. Inside I questioned what it was that had prevented me from making the cut. The second-guessing went on and on.

I tried to enjoy our campout. But truthfully, the camping was more like glamping and when the evening came to a close, I pulled out my laptop, using the campground's Wi-Fi, and signed into It was then, under Parties I'm Hosting, I saw the magical words: Julia's Nicholas Sparks Potluck House Party! Could it be? Did they see the video later and decide I deserved this after all? I wasn't sure, but I was ecstatic! I began planning my party just like the other 999 hosts; but, as if that weren't enough, I received a couple of emails I will never forget.

First, Mark, from House Party, emailed me indicating that Grand Central Publishing would like to know if they could post my video on their Facebook page. Umm...let me think about this....YES, PLEASE! He also mentioned that Warner Bros. had already posted my video on "The Lucky One's" Facebook page!

Secondly, I received an email from an amazing lady that would soon become like my very own fairy god mother. (Only much younger and more beautiful than you'd expect a fairy godmother to be! Perhaps fairy godsister is more appropriate!) Kerry Lyons sent me an email with magical phrases such as, "your name keeps coming up in our meetings" and "we have a really exciting opportunity for you..."

At this point I had begun to realize that they did indeed like the video, in fact, maybe even love it.

A few days later I had the pleasure of speaking to Kerry on the phone. She told me how much House Party, Warner Bros. and Grand Central Publishing were buzzing about my video. For an aspiring writer like myself, Grand Central Publishing loving anything I've done is about as fantastic as it can get! And Warner Bros.? Somebody pinch me! Though new to my vocabulary, I was finding myself more and more in love with House Party every day!

While I was still replaying her words in my mind she added something I could have never predicted. "Warner Bros. would like to invite you and a guest to the red carpet premiere of "The Lucky One" in Hollywood and House Party will provide your airfare and hotel as well as send you to have your hair and makeup done for the event." At this point it was hard to concentrate on anything else she said. With my heart pounding in my ears and my hands trembling, I could only hope that I had expressed my gratitude thoroughly.

Soon, I found myself whisked away on an adventure of a lifetime with my sister Deb. After arriving in Hollywood we spent the day lounging by the pool at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and taking in Hollywood Boulevard.

On April 16th, Deb and I were finally able to meet Kerry and were delighted by how well the three of us hit-it-off. We had our hair and makeup done, slipped into our dresses for the evening and headed across the street to Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

As we arrived on the red carpet - actually faux green grass carpet - they were expecting us. EXPECTING US! To add to the surreal moment, a lovely and elegant blonde approached, shaking my hand and telling me she had seen my video. I recognized her immediately; Mrs. Nicholas Sparks! And she was introducing herself to me! She had their three youngest, and quite adorable, children with her and was kind enough to indulge me with a photo together.

Next, we headed up the remainder of the green carpet and into the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre where the beautiful red curtain was soon to open as the movie began. I worried I wouldn't be able to concentrate, that I would be too distracted by the magic of the evening. Yet as the familiar story of Logan and Beth unfolded before me, I was entranced. For the moment, I forgot that the stars themselves were in the room with me, that the gifted director and cinematographer, among others, were there as well. Even momentarily, I forgot that my favorite author watched, along with the rest of us, as the characters from his imagination came to life on the silver screen.

The evening was capped off by meeting Nicholas Sparks' agent, whom I have long admired. Theresa Park shook my hand and called me an "internet sensation" before introducing me to Nicholas Sparks, the man himself, without whom, none of us would have been there. There would have been no book, no movie, and no unforgettable Hollywood premiere.

All in all the evening was like something from a fairytale. Too good to be true...yet it wasn't. I have pictures from my trip to reflect on whenever I begin to wonder if maybe it had all been dream. Whenever I do, I'm reminded once again that I am, indeed, the lucky one.

I will forever be grateful to Warner Bros. for the invitation. To House Party for making the entire thing happen. And to Kerry Lyons, my very own fairy godsister.

In the opening scene of the movie, Logan Thibault said it best, "You know the smallest thing can change your life. In the blink of an eye something happens by chance when you least expect it, sets you on a course that you never planned, into a future you never imagined..."

Do you have a fairytale moment or story? Share it with us.

[author] [author_image timthumb='on']#[/author_image] [author_info]Julia is a singer/songwriter/author/daughter/sister/wife/mother/friend. In North Texas she is best known as Gladys, one-half of the singing and guitar-strumming duo, Gladys & Maybelle. Around her neighborhood she's simply known as Mary and Abby's mom. When she isn't singing and writing songs about Nicholas Sparks, she loves to caffeinate herself in a quiet corner and wile away the day with her laptop and characters from her own novels. Julia's party tip: Always overdo! Every party has a theme, let it spark you imagination! The magic is in the details! [/author_info] [/author]

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