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Lasting Autism Advocacy with Autism Speaks: April and beyond...

What do the Great Pyramids, your clothes, well-known consumer brands and even everyday beverages have in common? Well, during this past month, quite a bit, thanks to both global Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd) and National Autism Awareness Month in the US. In conjunction with the Autism Speaks "Light It Up Blue" campaign, this month hasn't simply taken on azure shades, it has shed much needed light and publicity on the issue of autism, spectrum disorders and the growing number of lives affected by them. Throughout this month, we at House Party have worked hand-in-hand with our partner Autism Speaks to not only provide you with information and resources around the issue, but fun and engaging ways to incorporate the Light It Up Blue campaign into your daily lives, conversations and even parties. (We are House Party after all!) As we close out the month we invite you to revisit some of the activities and moments for which we, as an organization, were proud to be raising awareness. Subscribe to our blog? Well, you've likely read a few blog posts from us and our partner outlining the month's campaign goals, the staggering new figures around autism, and even tips for mixing awareness with good 'ol fashioned party-time! Have you liked us on Facebook? Great! You may well have seen the smiling faces of House Party's own Sarah and Brian braving the spring breezes at the Empire State building's Blue Lighting. We even made sure to gather some of the best party ideas for you with our Light It Up Blue Pinterest board and then proceeded to test some of them out here at our very own Light It up Blue Party!

Of course, most importantly though, we hope that this month has opened your eyes to Autism and spectrum disorders and grown into advocacy that you'd like to continue in coming months. For this reason, we've provided you with a few of the best recommended resources that we've identified with Autism Speaks to keep the cause lit blue well into the future. Even though Autism Awareness Month is over, you can always stay connected to Autism Speaks - be sure to check out their site for ways to support the cause.

How has this month's Autism Awareness been meaningful to you, your friends and your family? We invite you to share your stories with us!

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