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Ain't no party like a House Party House Party...

Every now and then, us House Partiers like to drink our own Kool-Aid, so to speak, and throw a House Party in the office. That combined with our love of breakfast made the FreshDirect and KeurigR VueTM House Parties a natural fit for office party time. Senior Account Director, Joe, stepped up to the frying pan this time around (aiming to top Chris's much-loved pancake breakfasts). He cooked up some tasty omelets with our FreshDirect supplies, looking ever so fashionable in his FreshDirect apron while doing so. The ingredients were deliciously fresh and while we stuck to omelets at our party, FreshDirect provided some delicious recipes for other brunch-time treats.

No breakfast (or morning here at House Party) is complete though without a nice cup of coffee. Monica brought in her new KeurigR VueTM machine for us all to try - and let me say, the cappuccino is just delectable! The Party Pack supplied us with a variety of flavors to try and a few of us even took the KeurigR VueTM After Coffee Quiz to see if the coffee had gotten our brains ready for the day ahead.

All in all, it was a delicious morning here at House Party - and we have the pictures to prove it! So now it's time to hear from you - what are your favorite omelet ingredients and morning beverage?

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