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2012 Fantasy Baseball - swinging for the fences

On March 26th, 15 House Party employees gathered in our largest conference room for the evening, all with high hopes of walking out with a stellar fantasy baseball lineup. Experience levels ranged drastically from seasoned fantasy pros to first timers. As one of the first timers in the group, I can certainly say the draft was quite intimidating! While I'm an avid Phillies fan, I never pay much attention to the other teams until playoff time. The main reason I decided to participate was to get more involved in the game overall. It was a long night with many spiteful glances tossed around as popular players were snatched up quickly. My goal was to get my favorite Philly, Cliff Lee. That I did, along with a few other key pitchers.

Now, two weeks in, the trading has begun and the fun has started. Today, I find myself in 6th place with Chris Morin ranking 1 point ahead and last years winner, Josh Shapiro, a full 14 points ahead in first place.

But it is still VERY early, and it's anyone's game. Check back mid season and we'll update you on our standings and talk a little more baseball. But for now, does anyone else have a fantasy league? How did the first few weeks treat you?

Play ball!

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