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Memo from the CEO

Today's post comes from our very own CEO, Chris Maher: A big part of what makes House Party so special is our community. We know that without great participants like you, we wouldn't be the company we are today. We keep a sharp eye on our Facebook page and other places you engage in conversations - such as the Party Pages on - and have noticed there's some concern about how we select hosts. There also seems to be some confusion around the concept of "Increase Your Chances." So here's an attempt to clear up some misunderstandings.

  • We would love to give a party to everyone who applies, but unfortunately there's a limited number of host spots for each event and the number of applications always greatly exceeds it. This means, sadly, that there will always be many disappointed applicants.
  • Our partners determine the criteria for selecting hosts. These criteria are different for each event and we keep the specifics confidential in order to preserve the privacy of our hosts.
  • We designed "Increase Your Chances" to reward applicants who go the extra mile in demonstrating enthusiasm for our parties, but we still factor-in and heavily weight the partner criteria as well. We have to.
  • "Increasing Your Chances" doesn't guarantee you a host spot. It gives you a better chance to be selected, but you still have to fit the partner criteria.
  • We're moving to more heavily weight the "Increase Your Chances" activities, so that people will be rewarded more frequently for participating. However, this will vary by event and will still not guarantee a host spot.

We know that there's always room for improvement in our process. And we know that it's frustrating to be turned down after putting significant effort into applying. What we want you to know is that we're always working to make the House Party experience as inclusive, fair and fun as it can possibly be.

Thank you very much for your continued involvement. We hope to see you at a Party soon!

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