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Happy President's Day!

I have some exciting news! In a little over a week, I'll be taking my US citizenship test (I'm Canadian, eh!). To prepare, I've been beefing up on my American history. Now, the test isn't too brain-busting for me since I moved from Ottawa to historic Massachusetts before high school - I've got all that colonial and revolutionary stuff down pat. Of course, there were some areas in which I needed some brushing up. So, I've been checking out the study guide, asking my boyfriend for some guidance- since his area of study in college was American history (talk about luck, right?)- and browsing the web.

The test focuses mainly on the structure of the American government, but there are some questions about the Founding Fathers, with history and geography sprinkled in between. Since it's President's Day - a day to recognize and celebrate the country's leaders - here are a couple of neat sites to learn some fun facts about presidents: the Miller Center's American President Reference Resource and the Presidents Day Society's blog.

Personally, my favorite president to read about is definitely Teddy Roosevelt. Did you know that he had basically a zoo of pets, including a badger named Josiah? And that he adopted it after a little girl threw it at him? While Richard Nixon's dog "Checkers" was infamous because of Nixon's 1952 speech, other presidential pets like Josiah are famous for being, well, totally weird. In fact, lots of presidents had exotic pets. Go figure!

None of that will be on my citizenship test - but facts like that are definitely fun and informative distractions from the serious studying.

For those of you that are already Americans, here's a fun way to celebrate President's Day and take a peek into part of the American naturalization process - check out the possible test questions and give yourself a little challenge. See how well you know your own country.

Wish me luck! I'll update this post to let you know how it goes. Hopefully I'll have good news to report!

Did you take the test? How'd you do?

Update! I passed the test! My Oath Ceremony is in a few weeks. I'll post some photos from it, or from the party I think I need to throw...(we're good at finding reasons to party here)

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