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Pack your bags: Chile (part II)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I tend to structure my days around food when I travel. But in between meals, I wander around cities waiting for other aspects of the region to surprise me.

I went into my recent trip to Chile thinking that most of the architecture and art would be very traditional - in keeping with most of my travels in other Latin cultures. I was wrong. I discovered instead, a nice mix of traditional elements of architecture with a few twists. Take a look...

Many of the churches in the old district of Santiago were stone with tall spires, but just look at this amazing facade. I smiled as soon as I turned the corner and this looming building came into view.

I read that the monastery connected to this Church had been turned into a museum. While there was an expected mixture of religious relics, two other things caught my eye.

I turned the corner to go up the stairs when I noticed this amazing tile work. I was struck by the modern and artistic design of this hallway. I had to wonder about the origin and the artist. I like to think that one of the priests may have loved design and helped develop this pattern.

After touring the museum, I wandered though the courtyard and saw this trellis that was FULL of grapes! What a fun surprise!

Another day, I visited a few art museums and found an artist that I loved! His name is Palolo Valdes Bunster. He uses steel and stones to create sculptures that look life-like and have beautiful movement. These are two of my favorites.

I was struck by the simplicity of the materials, and yet an end product that's so powerful! I hope his work is shown in New York sometime soon!

Here are a few other images from the same museum that take an interestingly modern twist on traditional subjects.

This is a huge basket that is hanging in the foyer of a museum.

This was another favorite - a horse head cast in metal. I love that the face has so much life and movement, however is made of one of the coldest looking metals.

These are just a few examples of why I love to travel. I'm inspired by artistry - in whatever form it takes. Whether it's an architects' vision of how to make a building unique or an artist taking everyday materials and bringing them to life with his or her vision.

My last post on Chile will be about wine country and how old world practices meet modern technology. Stay tuned...

What were some of your favorite artistic discoveries when traveling?

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