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It's National Fun at Work Day!

January 28th is more than just National Kazoo Day Eve (seriously, Google it) - it's also National Fun at Work Day! Of course, here at House Party, we actually get to throw parties for a living, so every day is Fun at Work Day. However, we know that everyone isn't quite as lucky, so we'd like to help.

We recently asked you on Twitter to share your favorite office pranks and we've posted some responses below. Now, we can't officially suggest that you use these ideas against your fellow workers, because we'd rather not get sued if someone accidentally staples himself while trying to remove a stapler from a Jell-O mold. But if you see something that strikes your fancy, well, then, we'll just look the other way.

The biggest thing we noticed when reading your tweets was that half of them were good-natured fun...

...while the other half weren't messing around. When you prank, you prank dirty:

Lesson of the day? I'm glad you don't know where my office is.

Do you have any great office prank stories? Share them in the Comments section below. After all, April Fools' Day is only two months away...

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