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The 4-1-1 on: Steve Miller

In each installment of The 4-1-1, we interview a different member of the House Party Team, asking the big questions that are on everyone's minds. This time around we're talking with Steve Miller, VP of Program Operations. Steve's in charge of the nuts and bolts of House Party - the day-to-day processes necessary to make your House Party experience as smooth as butter. We sat down with him recently in his cubicle.

1. You've been at House Party longer than almost anyone. What's kept you around for so long? Is it that we let you keep your drum set in the office? Yeah, the drum set's part of it. Actually, it's just the drum set. No - what's kept me around for so long? The work is awesome, the team obviously kicks butt, and I work with awesome people and great management. The people who work under me right now make me look way better than I actually am, so I give them all the credit in the world. You know, in all honesty, there are few companies you find with the camaraderie this place has, with the unique opportunities this place gives you, and where your hard work really pays off.

2. What's the biggest change or shift you've seen at House Party during your time here? Work-wise, I'd say just the way we deal with projects that come in. There's a huge difference between when I first started working here and now. Obviously then we didn't have a Social Media group, we didn't have a Business Intelligence group, so when we started it was just this general potpourri of things that we kind of reacted to. Now we're proactive, we're inventing the new stuff- we just started Twitter Parties, all these new things that House Party's going to be doing.

3. What's your spirit animal? I have to say - and this is going to sound so boring - but I have to say a cat, because for some reason I have this weird connection specifically with cats where I can usually meet a cat and totally have it succumb to my charms very quickly and just kind of be cool with me. I think if I say anything else I'm making myself out to be much better than I actually am, unless I say a slug or something, but nobody wants to be a slug for their spirit animal.

4. Beaches or mountains? Man, that's a great question. [AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know!] Considering that I'm getting married to a woman from Malaysia, I have to say beaches. I actually love both, but really in the last 5 or 10 years, what I've really done has been with beaches more than mountains. But when I say "beaches," I'll put a stipulation on that: it has to be swimmable ocean. If you can't swim, to me it's not a real beach. You have to be able to swim, because I love, love, love the ocean.

5. You've become a bit of a celebrity lately, as it turns out you have your very own iPhone app that allows anyone to insert an image of you into any photo. How has this sudden fame affected your life and your career? It's tremendously embarrassing! No, it's cool. The guy who designed it is a really good friend of mine; we've been friends since third grade. We used to do all these creative projects together, and he's gone on to do all this amazingly creative work. I get scared when I think about the possibilities on the internet-where I'm showing up! And every once in awhile he'll send me, as a joke, some Google Analytics reports of who's downloading the app. I'm glad people laugh at it. I laugh at myself all the time, so it's in-line with the way I perceive myself.

Note: If you want to take Steve with you everywhere you go, you can download the "Random Guy" app for free from the iTunes store. Happy photo-editing!

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