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Welcome to our blog - your newest party planning, recipe and family fun destination!

You're just in time for the party! Cue the noisemakers and fill-up the punch bowl, the House Party Blog is ready to raise the roof! Your search for the best party planning tips, recipes, family fun and more, just got a lot easier. (Was that a sigh of relief? We thought so.) Every weekday we'll be bringing you posts that touch on ways to simplify your life, make it more fun-filled and more exciting. Our blog team will be writing can't-miss posts on:

- Family and kids

- Party Planning

- Food (yep, that means recipes!)

- Entertainment

- And frequent (and clearly humorous) looks inside our own House Party office and team

Speaking of our team, you'll be hearing from quite a few of us here at House Party in the blog. Our core blogger team "taking-the-field" is Brian, Danielle, Larry, Liz, Mike, Mel, Mark and Sarah. While this is quite a team, there's only so much praise we can heap on them here (but they gladly accept cash and gifts from readers). For more info on each of these folks, be sure to click the "About the blog" button at the top of the page. Additionally, we're going to have plenty of opportunities to shine the light on you (yes, you) with featured blogger and guest blogger posts.

So, be sure to bookmark this blog, share us on Facebook and Twitter, email a friend or add our RSS feed, and let's get this party started. We're looking forward to writing for you, but also conversing with you, so don't hesitate to give us your thoughts, feedback and ideas in the comments for each blog.

While we're at it, we can't help but give you a bit of a taste of what's to come. From the best ways for Mom and Dad to recoup after the holidays, to snowed-in arts and crafts , to the inside-scoop on the best Super Bowl cooking, there'll be plenty of reasons for you to come back for more each day. Oh, and don't forget to keep tabs on us on our own Facebook and Twitter pages, too!

Come on in and grab your party hat, it's about to get awesome up in here!

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