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How House Party rings in the holidays!

"Can you pass the hummus, please? It's next to the decorative doggie gnome." This doesn't seem like a typical line around the office, does it? But it's actually one of the many things you'd have heard at our recent holiday party. Besides, we aren't really the typical workplace, so we'll need you to leave your preconceptions at the door. "What exactly is he talking about?" you might ask. Well, let me fill you in. Every business, it seems, has some sort of fun holiday function and our 2011 shindig here at House Party was no exception. To get things started, (and lure empty stomachs) local restaurants catered our office party. Not only was it a great way to support the community, it kept us out of the kitchen and busy having a great time. Beyond simply great food, drink and conversation, you may recall from Sarah's recent post we had a bit of fun giving each other gifts. From it, we not only received presents, but apparently an unofficial company mascot as well!

As we all know though, a party only attains "epic" status when it gives rise to memorable quips and inside jokes aplenty. Your very own house party is no different! "Do you remember the look on her face when..." and "OMG, I couldn't believe he said..." are only a couple of examples of the deeper bonds that this party lore creates. For us here at our holiday party, the yarns we spun centered around our little decorative dog figurine, the respective hairdo's of a couple of our Marketing folks and our fearless CEO's red and green festive holiday pant-fashion. What can we say? You never really know what to expect at an office holiday party!

What great stories do you have from your holiday festivities? We'd love to hear them!

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