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Instagram Brunch-ing and Crunch-ing!

Instagram Brunch-ing and Crunch-ing!

What does a weekend look like to your average New Yorker? These days it can be described in 2 words: brunch & crunch. (Well, Instagram brunch and crunch, to be more specific!) In New York, and in most major cities these days, there are 2 themes that resonate loud and clear: fitness and food. In fact, food and fitness are classified as a lifestyle. When you're walking the streets, more likely than not, you'll see people in various styles of workout clothes. The conversation you'll here will usually be either food or instructor related. In fact the most popular word used by New Yorkers is "b-r-u-n-c-h", followed by "g-y-m." Ha - okay, that's a made-up statistic; but, trust me, if you've ever been to New York, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Let's talk about priorities....

brucnh and crunch instagram cafe table

Brunch is the most important meal in NYC. If you go to any meal, not only is eating it important, but aesthetic is nearly as important. You'll often see people standing up on chairs to take the perfect food shot. More than, yelp, Instagram has become a popular outlet for discovering that perfect brunch spot post morning workout. Hence, Instagram brunch!

In fact, it's recently inspired an Instagram project that I'm working on with my friend, Yuf, called @brunchandcrunch, from which some of the embedded photos are taken. So, take in all the deliciousness...we just regret that "smell-o-vision" hasn't come to fruition yet to finish-off the experience!

brucnh and crunch instagram meal

Not only is brunch about aesthetic, fitness is a fashion..

brucnh and crunch instagram women

Pop boutiques dedicated to "athleisure" - or the art of dressing in workout clothes that still remain suitable enough for a nice outing - are all over the city. Not only can you hit the gym in your workout clothes, you can hit the town right after too. Right now there are programs in NY available where you can try out classes from dancing to show-tunes, to kickboxing with models, spinning to club hits, yoga to tennis lessons. You have the choice to give every week a different spin, with a variety of classes and new workouts to try. The best part is the culture. Fitness in NYC is all about "good vibes" and support. In a city where the work-grind can be intense, going to a class is all about letting everything go, and simply self-love.

brucnh and crunch instagram yoga

Next time you visit the Big Apple, it may seem like the usual concrete jungle, full of people moving at 100 miles per hour, but these same people are adapting - fitting in time for good food and good vibes. Plus, they've gotta work off that Instagram brunch somehow!

brucnh and crunch instagram workout

For more on this developing culture with a specific NYC visual twist, be sure to follow @brunchandcrunch on Instagram - it's a fun side project I've been working on with a couple friends. From inspiring food to motivating workouts, we aim to chronicle the weekend's hard work and delicious payoffs!

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