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Turkey alternatives to "gobble" down for Thanksgiving

Turkey alternatives to "gobble" down for Thanksgiving

For me, a traditional roasted turkey is the best part of the Thanksgiving feast. Other people may be tired of it though and need a change after eating the same kind of turkey every single year...year-in...year-out. So, I'm going to shake things up a bit! I've gathered a fun list of some turkey alternatives to munch on when getting together with friends and family for the holiday season. Dig in!

1. Cranberry pecan stuffed pork chops

turkey alternatives pork chops

You can add all the Thanksgiving flavors in one dish. Just add cranberries, pecans, stuffing and more to make your taste buds burst with one bite!

2. Honey-orange glazed ham

turkey alternatives orange ham

If you just don't have the time to cook a turkey, you can make a delicious ham that's a wonderful addition to the table. Another plus? This turkey alternative also takes a shorter time to cook...

3. Pomegranate brisket with cranberry

turkey alternatives pomegranate brisket

You can get creative with your main dish and make this succulent brisket. You get a sweetness with every bite by marinating it with pomegranate juices and adding cranberries. Delicious and unique for the Thanksgiving holiday!

4. Tofurky

turkey alternatives tofurky

Tofurky is a soy-based vegetable protein that has gained a bit of a cult following because of its sheer quirkiness. It comes in a shape that roughly approximates a turkey, fully stuffed and ready to roast. This is a great option for vegetarians and for those that want to be a little healthier this year.

5. Lasagna

turkey alternatives lasagna

Lasagna is an easy and hearty dish to prepare. You can make a traditional lasagna with sauce, cheese and soft noodles. However, if you want to impress your family and friends; add some thanksgiving flavors to make it perfectly festive!

6. Lamb

turkey alternatives lamb

Skip the fish or poultry and instead make a rack of lamb. Lamb is very hearty, works great with side dishes and the presentation alone will make everyone's jaw drop.

7. Grill-roasted turkey

turkey alternatives grill

You can always simply marinate your turkey as usual but switch things up a bit by cooking it on your backyard grill. Those same flavors that you love from the grill will transfer onto the turkey and leave people lining up for seconds.

8. Deep fried turkey

turkey alternatives deep fried

The deep fry turkey has been becoming very popular. It doesn't take that long to cook and it's crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Yum! But, there are two things to keep in-mind in terms of health: it's not the healthiest turkey option to eat and deep frying a turkey can be a very dangerous endeavor.

If you choose to go this route, be sure that you've done it before and/or you've got someone on-hand helping out who has. Reading about it online is much different from actually doing it. Remember, the most important part of Thanksgiving is ensuring everyone is safe and able to enjoy all the festivities!

9. Turducken (a.k.a. a chicken...inside a duck...inside a turkey. Yes, seriously.)

turkey alternatives turducken

You can order this at your local super market. For this one images do so much more than mere words can, so we'll leave you to ponder this on. The Turducken has - quite literally - has something for everyone.

10. Stuffed Turkey

turkey alternatives stuffed

It's almost like a Turducken, but instead of adding duck & chicken, add pancetta, prosciutto, stuffing, nuts or other thanksgiving flavors (leave it at that!) and enjoy.

I hope this list fuels your taste buds for the holiday that nearly here! Perhaps this post has inspired you to surprise your family and friends with something different on the table this year. I know if you do, it will be a memorable and tasty one to be sure.

Happy Thanksgiving from House Party!

turkey alternatives vegetable tray
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