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Easy weeknight dinner ideas

Easy weeknight dinner ideas

When you have tired, hungry kids to feed, dinnertime can start to feel like a real drag. Especially since it typically coincides with the "witching hour" - that hour (or two) when your kids whine, you long for wine and the notion of #winning is replaced by a dreaded sense of a massive #fail. Well, fail no more my friends. Dinnertime, like most things that involve the kids, is always better when you have a plan. Since coming up with the plan is the hard part, I thought I'd share a few of our go-to weeknight dinners. I'm even throwing in a few bonus Sunday suppers for good measure because if you start planning on Sunday, you'll have some leftovers to power you through Manic Monday and all the days that follow. Without further ado, here are some great dinner ideas for every night of the week:

Sunday Supper

Sundays are ideal for roasts. This "fix it and forget it" approach lets you pop dinner in the oven early in the afternoon so you can go enjoy the day/watch the game/carpool to the birthday party/cheer from the sidelines/take care of the kids, while dinner takes care of itself. The best part is how easy this is. I'm not including or linking to recipes here because you really don't need them. Rub your pork loin with olive oil and put some sliced garlic and herbs on top. Treat the chicken the same way. Or maybe add some rosemary and pop a few lemons or onions inside. You really can't go wrong. And that's what makes these two choices sinfully easy:

Roasted Chicken
    • Roast pork loin with roasted potatoes and kale
    • Roast chicken with mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts

Meatless Monday:

Mondays are tough. It's not easy to drag the kids out of bed and your butt back to work. Or wherever your day takes you. Knowing the day will be hard, dinner should be easy. Our picks are yummy, speedy and crowd-pleasing. After a long day back at the grind, the last thing you need is that annoying chorus of "I don't like it!" Try these - they'll like it!

    • Veggie quiche (make or buy over the weekend - store-bought is a-ok!) with roasted or grilled asparagus
    • Cheese Tortellini with pesto sauce (also ideally made or purchased over the weekend) and spinach sauteed with garlic and oil

Tuesday taco night:

It's Tuesday. Two days down, three to go. Why not celebrate with a hands-on meal that makes mouths happy? You'll be happy too given that tacos are super fast, fun, easy and can incorporate your leftovers from that Sunday Supper.

Taco night
    • Chicken tacos: toss in some frozen corn when you heat up the meat and serve with avocado for extra nutritional punch
    • Pork tacos (or fajitas) served with peppers (roasted or raw - whichever meets the least resistance!) and a side salad

Wacky Wednesday:

They call it "hump day" for a reason and the good news is that you're almost over the hump! Mix things up with a perennial kid favorite: Breakfast for dinner. And I'll be darned if the notion of pancakes at 6pm doesn't put a smile on your face too.

    • The egg-cellent option - Whip up an omelet, scramble them or serve them over easy. Add some whole wheat toast, fruit and milk and there you have it - a dinner of champions that will make Mom a big winner.
    • The sweet option - Pancakes, waffles or french toast served up with some yogurt and fruit. Syrup mandatory, whipped cream optional.

Pasta Thursday:

Now you're in the homestretch, just a hop, skip and dinner left before Friday arrives and the weekend begins. Why not plan a pasta night to carbo load you and the kids through the remainder of the week? Again, it's quick, easy and almost objection-free when it comes to the junior set. Our top picks:

    • Spaghetti and meatballs; make them yourself or let Trader Joe/Giotto do the trick; with both beef and turkey varieties in the frozen section, Trader Joe's makes this weeknight dinner a snap!
    • Penne with sausage and broccoli. Enough said, right? Yum!

The weekend:

Pizza night!

As for the weekends, Friday night is almost always pizza night in our house. It gives us all something to look forward to - especially when accompanied by family movie night, which gives us the much-needed opportunity to snuggle and unwind after a long week. Saturday night is really a free for all - maybe we go out, maybe it's take out, maybe it's time to empty out the fridge for what we (rather unfortunately) call "garbage night" - a great way to use up any remaining leftovers so you can start anew again on Sunday... bon appetit!

What are some of your meal plans for the week?

About our Guest Contributor, Kerry:

Kerry is the SVP/Marketing here at House Party. When she's not wearing her marketing hat, Kerry enjoys spending time with her five children, husband and dog, Finnegan. Kerry runs her own blog where she shares more ideas like this and other survival tips for a busy mom of 5!

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