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Cheers to National Iced Tea Day!

Cheers to National Iced Tea Day!

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer's day than a tall glass of iced tea. But did you know that there is a day dedicated to this delightful drink? The day is June 10th (tomorrow!) and the time is now to start brewing your favorite crisp, cool tea and sing cheers to National Iced Tea Day! Here are a few of our favorite Iced Tea recipes:

Classic Sweet Tea

Bring 3 cups water to a boil and add in 2 family-size tea bags . Let steep for 15-30 minutes, then add in 3/4 cup sugar, stir until dissolved and add in 7 cups of cold water. Serve over ice and relax!

This is the classic iced tea recipe and will be the base for many of the following concoctions, so if you can get this recipe down you're well on your way to plenty of refreshing, iced tea-filled summer afternoons

Peach Iced Tea

peach iced tea

Looks and sounds delicious, doesn't it? Check out this great recipe that adds some natural peach flavor to your iced tea offering.

Strawberry Basil Iced Tea

strawberry basil iced tea

Start with your basic iced tea, but add basil to the steeping step. Strain the tea over a bowl of strawberries (discarding the basil) and toss to coat the berries. Let this stand for about 30 minutes then pour mixture into a pitcher, serve with ice, add a basil garnish and get ready for flavor paradise!

Mint Green Iced Tea

mint green iced tea

Mint leaves add a cool, invigorating flavor to this simple, antioxidant-rich tea. Swap out the tea bags from the classic recipe with green tea, add mint leaves to the pitcher with cool water along with a little honey or agave.

Arnold Palmer

arnold palmer iced tea

Almost as popular as regular 'ol tea, add some fresh lemonade to your classic tea to mix up what is called the Arnold Palmer. My favorite pre-made lemonade to use is Simply Lemonade, and if you're looking for a kick, add some bourbon for an adult-only version.

And if you really want some tea with a kick, try out our favorite Iced Tea liquor, Firefly! You can even apply to host a Fourth of Firefly House Party and celebrate America's birthday with an all-American party featuring FireflyTM Sweet Tea Vodka. Southern brewed in South Carolina, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka tastes just like real sweet tea, but with an even sweeter kick!

iced tea party

Don't have time for a fancy recipe? Gather these simple garnishes instead to dress up your tea:

  • Lemon or lime wedges
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Blueberries (muddle with the tea for an easy blueberry taste)
  • Mint or basil leaves
Mint Iced Tea

Do you have a favorite iced tea variety? Share with us in the comments, and happy National Iced Tea Day!

Firefly Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka, 35% alc/vol. Firefly Distillery, Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina. Please Drink Responsibly.
Keep the number of your local cab company handy - no drinking and driving. Please Drink Responsibly.
In order to apply or host this party you must certify: I am a United States resident who represents and warrants that I am at least 21 years of age. This event is open to all US residents EXCEPT residents of AK, HI, & CA.
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A livestream app revolution!