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Lighter meals for spring

Lighter meals for spring

Believe it or not, after the long and torturously cold winter we've had - at least here in the Northeast - spring is almost upon us! (cue happy dance!) And with the arrival of spring comes a shift from warm and heavy meals to much lighter fare. So, we've got some yummy, light recipes that are sure to keep you happy and healthy in the coming months.

Shrimp and Zoodles

Yes, zoodles, or zucchini noodles. You can use a Vegetti or Spiralizer to make noodles from zucchini and lighten up any pasta dish. You simply wash the zucchini and insert it into the spinner, choosing thick or thin zoodles. I recommend 1 zucchini per 2 people.

Saute the zoodles in a pan with garlic and olive oil for 5-10 minutes or so just to soften. Do not overcook the zoodles. Then add shrimp and a veggie of your choice (or not, since you already have zucchini). For a more sauce-like consistency you can add in some vegetable broth and voila! Lighter dinner or lunch is served.

Ok, this was turkey meatballs with a red sauce, but you can zoodle however you like.

Lettuce Tacos

I swear, even my son loves these and doesn't miss the actual soft or hard shell taco. You can use any meat or fish filler you normally would for tacos. Add some peppers and onions to your meat (or even snow peas). I like to get actual romaine lettuce (not the hearts, since you need a full leaf) and put a dollop of salsa in the leaf. Then I add my meat and top off with either sliced avocado or guacamole. Fold up the leaf and enjoy! Yes, it can be messy, but the crisp crunch of the lettuce makes this a great, healthy meal. And you can probably have more of them since your taco has 0 calories. Just sayin'!

Who needs a shell?

Baked trout with garlic and lemon

I have never bought or made a whole fish before. It seems like a lot of work and I prefer my food to not have a head or eyes. But I was at the supermarket recently and the deal on trout was too good to pass up. I asked them to cut the head off and butterfly the fish for me. Then I prepared it as such:

I put several cloves of garlic inside the fish plus salt, pepper and slices of lemon. Then I folded the fish in tinfoil and made a pouch. I baked it on 350 for about 20 minutes until the fish became opaque and flaky. Once it was cooked I removed the spine and while there were still some bones, this was seriously the best thing I've ever eaten. I paired it with some roasted asparagus and went directly to heaven.

Baked trout in tinfoil. Fish heaven. For real.

Slow cooker verde chicken tostadas

Another fresh, healthy recipe to enjoy as the seasons warm up, this one is a wonderfully delicious recipe that caught my eye floating around my Pinterest feed. The recipe, originally found on the blog is simple, straightforward and can pay-out serious flavor dividends!

While the full recipe gives you the complete breakdown, I'll give you the tempting jist: Imagine some slow-cooked, tender, flaky chicken infused with onions, garlic, cilantro and jalapeno set atop a warm and crispy tostada shell. (Sounds good, right? Well, we're not done...) Top it all off with slices of avocado, salsa verde (tomatillo) and even light sour cream and chipotle hot sauce and you're about to experience a staggering combo of flavor and texture that you might not be quite ready for. Are you up to the challenge?

lighter meal

We're also still big fans of this dynamite Brussels Sprout Salad Recipe and if you're looking for a cocktail to pair with this lighter fare, we've got that covered too.

What's your favorite recipe to cook in the spring?

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