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From foodie to food allergies: Part 2

As you might have already read from my most recent blog, I'm a mom whose kids suffer from food allergies. For the past 11 years, navigating these unchartered waters related to safe and unsafe foods has been quite an experience for my husband and me. While he and I don't suffer from them, we've been working to better understand food allergies and support our two daughters. While I had no prior experience with food allergies, I quickly realized that parents of food allergic children have to become quick learners and vocal advocates on behalf of their children. The great news is that today there are so many resources for allergy aware parents that simply getting necessary information is much easier than ever - thanks in part to the Internet! In addition to local doctors and food allergy awareness groups in your local area, here are a few resources that I've come to trust:

FARE - The Food Allergy & Research Education website is a great resource that I encourage you to check it out. FARE's mission is to "find a cure for food allergies and to keep individuals with food allergies safe and included." Among many of the group's great resources are the food recall alerts which you can sign up for. Anytime there's a food recall or package update FARE will email you the updated information that food companies provide. It's a perfect way to spread the word and keep us, the consumer, informed!

Divvies Bakery - Are you looking for nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free sweets and treats? As a proclaimed foodie, my first thought is, "Who'd want a nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free cookie? (Yuck!)" But, believe it or not, let me tell you they're delicious! A favorite in our house is the Choco-lot Brownie Cookie! Not only do they have a lot of great items including popcorn and cupcakes, but tons of seasonal items around holiday time, too!

Peanut Free Planet - Even if your food allergy isn't specific to peanuts or tree nuts, be sure to check out this site. They tout that all of their 200+ products are peanut and tree nut free, but in addition, for every product they sell, they list the allergies that the product is "free" of. This site happens to be a great resource for Halloween candy, too. Check out the site and become a PFP shopper, or as they like to call them "Freelings"!

Do you have great allergy resources to share with the community? I'd love to know so please share!


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