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Happy ThanksGIFing, one and all!

THANKSGIVING!!! It's finally here, in all it's family-hugging, belt-busting, tryptophan-releasing, football-cheering splendor. We know that you're likely running last-minute errands, whipping-up that 3rd pumpkin pie or vacuuming madly before the guests arrive - just like us. So, we'll keep today's blog post short, sweet and enjoyable so you can get on with your Thanksgiving and spending it surrounded by those you love instead of staring at a computer or smartphone screen. We've got 10 tips for making it through Thanksgiving. And, since a picture is worth a thousand words, we figured that a moving picture (a gif!) is worth at least ten-thousand words apiece. And, frankly, that makes writing this blog post substantially easier for us to write as well as for you to enjoy. (C'mon, we know you're probably as addicted to BuzzFeed's Gif-laden listicles as we are.)


And with that, here are our top 10 ThanksGIFing tips:

1. Dress for Success


2. Resist the urge to dive-in till everyone's served. (Mind your manners!)


3. Play it safe: Wait-out the effects of tryptophan or the zinfindel and travel safely!


4. Ride out the wicked weather by comfortably kickin' back inside.


5. Yes, you're around family. However, bickering never looks good on any age.


6. Um, did we mention to take it easy with the eating?


7. Playing with your food: Just no. You'll regret it - trust us.


8. Thanksgiving can be messy. Help with cleanup!


9. Save room for dessert


10. Have fun with those folks you're most thankful to have in your life!

What Thanksgiving tip do you and your family live by?

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