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Love it or loathe it: Candy Corn

Liz and I went head to head last year over our love or hate for New Year's Eve. So we decided to continue to do battle, albeit, politely, over another polarizing and seasonally-apropos item, candy corn.


What's not to love about candy corn?

  1. It's seasonal so you don't get sick of it.
  2. It comes in loads of flavors (hello caramel and chocolate).
  3. It's fat-free! (take that SnickersR)
  4. It defies all convention when it comes to candy (it's candy and it's corn).

It's so unique and fantastic at the same time. I can't wait for October to roll around so I can stock up. And every year they come out with some new twist on candy corn (M&M's Candy Corn flavor is da bomb!), although I do love the traditional kind as well. It's not too sugary, but just sugary enough and it reeks of Halloween awesomeness. I'll be trick or treating for candy corn this year and every year!


CandyCornSucks What's not to LOVE?!? I'll give you 5 reasons why I, in fact, hate candy corn.

  1. Candy. Corn. The name. That's all you should need to hate it. Corn is not candy. Candy should not be corn. No candy should have a vegetable name in it.
  2. If the name isn't enough, have you actually eaten candy corn? The taste should really put you in my corner of this argument.
  3. While Danielle claims it's not too sugary, the number 1 ingredient in candy corn is sugar. OK, all candy is high in sugar. What's the big deal? Well one, it's gross, but okay, I'll give you more. Eating just 19 pieces of Brach's candy corn is consuming only 11 grams less than all the sugar that's in one whole can of Coca-Cola.
  4. After sugar on the ingredient list comes gelatin. Gelatin consists of the collagen extracted from an animal's skin and (mostly) bones. Yes this is the same gelatin in Jell-OR and PeepsR. Next love it or loathe it addition: Marshmallow Peeps.
  5. The texture is the worst part for me. A gritty, waxy texture that makes my teeth feel like they are disintegrating at a rapid rate. Also, candy corn is relevant at a time (Halloween) when GOOD candy is everywhere! Why waste your time on this tasteless candy when other options are so accessible?!

I'm convinced the only reason candy corn makers stay in business is so people can play the "guess how many candy corn are in this jar" game around Halloween. I encourage you all to start using M&M's (preferably NOT the candy corn flavor).

OK all - which side of the debate are you on? Tomorrow is National Candy Corn Day, so either enjoy this seasonal treat and post some love, or share in Liz's sentiment and tell us why you hate these little triangular enigmas.

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