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'An apple recipe a day keeps the doctor away'

The apple. Good ol' Malus domestica. They've been cooked, sauteed, steamed, coated, sauced and fermented (the other kind of 'sauced'). They're the staple fruit of a baker's repetoire, they've inspired humankind to wrestle with the laws of physics and they've even bridged the tenuous gap between students and teachers for what seems endless ages.

In honor of this hard-working fruit and the fact that it's apple picking season, we've gathered-up some of our favorite ways to indulge in that delicious seasonal flavor...and there are oh-so-many ways!


Apple Crumble Cake

This one is delicious and easy. Imagine apple pie, but with extra cinnamon spice and the addictively yummy baked crumb topping. If you have a food processor, this one's a cinch. Just be prepared to make this each autumn season, because your family will likely demand it of you after the first serving! (I mean, just LOOK at that picture...) Thanks to Grandma Jenny Gibbons and ABC's The Chew for this awesome recipe!

apple recipe for crumb cake



Apple Cider

This one is simply a classic. Who doesn't enjoy a good mug o' hot cider after coming in from the cold fall breezes? Give this recipe from Melissa at a try to warm yourself and your loved ones up as the days get chillier. A great bi-product of making this at home is that your abode will smell like the center of the fall, holiday universe for a couple of days. Win-win, I'd say!

apple recipe for cider



Apple Pie Pancakes

I'll keep this one short since a picture is worth a thousand words (and apparently also about 18 million tastebuds). Fresh apple flavor incorporated into a pancake? Stop it...just stop it. I won't even need syrup these look so good. Jessica, from, you had us at "apple!"

apple recipe for pancakes



Apple Butter

Charlene at is really onto something here. Let's think about it - if you haven't happened to make a fall dish that incorporates fresh apple flavors into it, well, that calls for the delicious, spreadable apple butter. As long as you can spread some of this delectable sauce on it, you're good-to-go. Toast? Easy. Scone? Piece of cake. In fact, speaking of cake, add that to the list of spreadable targets, too. The list goes on and finger-lickingly-on.

apple recipe for butter



Fried Apple Egg Rolls

Tired of some of these apple standards? Want to mix it up a bit? Well, thanks to Danielle at, this little dish does just that. With a twist on the apple turn-over, she's taken the crunchiest, tastiest part of an egg roll (that wonderfully crispy dough) and combined it with apple-cinnamon-glazed goodness. Warm, gooey, crunchy and chewy this apple dessert item is like UPS: It DELIVERS. (bah-dah bum). Anyhow, this one is without a doubt worth a try!

apple recipe for egg rolls



Caramelized Apple, Bacon & Blue Cheese Pan Pizza

This really mixes up the application of apple in recipes and I thought it'd be a great twist to have in the list. Stephanie at has cooked up a pizza recipe that is about as unique as they come. Caramelized apple, blue cheese and bacon. Do I have you attention? Good. I have yet to try this recipe, but I can already smell it and as I'm writing this my stomach is beginning to sound like a lion's den. This just looks amazing, a set of savory and touch of sweet flavors that would just be amazing. If you try this one out, please let me know what you think!

apple recipe for pizza


Well, there you have it, folks, six varied apple recipes to play with this fall. We're fans of this fruit, whether simply a snack of an elaborate concoction such as one of these. What are your favorites? Have you ever tried anything like these recipes? If so, let us know - we'd love to hear your experience!



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