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8 awesome recipes for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Tomorrow is National Ice Cream Sandwich day, so naturally we want to prepare you with some recipes that totally rock. Because what better way to spend a summer Saturday than grabbing supplies and making fun, cool treats with your kids, friends, neighbors - anyone! 1. Cinnamon roll ice cream sandwich


Grab a tube of the refrigerator cinnamon rolls and your favorite ice cream to make this easy, but delicious treat!

2. Pop-Tarts ice cream sandwich

PopTartIceCreamSandwich Another easy combo, grab your favorite flavor pop tart and ice cream to make this sandwich. Cut in half and share with a friend!

3. Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich


Whether you use EggoR Waffles or make your own Belgian waffles, this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

4. Coffee ice cream glazed doughnut sandwiches


Now we're getting fancy. If that picture doesn't make you want to celebrate this national holiday, I don't know what will.

You can also use chocolate donuts. The Entenmann's brand even offers mini chocolate donuts.

coffee-and-doughnut-ice-cream-sandwiches 5. Chocolate-creme brulee ice cream sandwiches

cremebrulesandwichI LOVE creme brulee, but I've never been brave enough to make it myself. This recipe looks super easy and once the main ingredient is done, you simply cut out pieces for sandwiches when frozen.

6. S'mores ice cream sandwich


Too hot for a campfire? Cool off with this variation of the classic.

7. Healthier option: Oatmeal cookie with banana ice cream


While you can substitute a frozen yogurt or lower-calorie ice cream in any of these recipes, this one is sure to keep the calories down, but still satisfy your crazing for a delicious treat.

8. Blackberry-brown sugar ice cream sandwiches

ice cream sandwiches

Want to add a bit of unexpected color to your ice cream sandwiches (along with a to-die-for flavor)? Try out Tutti Dolce's blackberry-brown sugar variety. It's refreshing, eye-catching and actually not too hard to make. Well worth the time mastering this treat!

If you like a little variety, and you're having some guests over, try an ice cream sandwich bar!

Simply get a few varieties of ice cream, cookies (or brownies, waffles, etc) and toppings (chocolate chips, sprinkles, crushed candy, etc.), make some labels (print some for free) and line up to make some delicious, custom sandwiches! A good addition to this set up would be some napkins or Wet-Naps, too.)

And finally, here's a tutorial on how to make the perfect ice cream sandwich, no matter what the ingredients:

The featured image shows brownie ice cream sandwiches. Here's where you can get that recipe now.

What combination is your favorite?

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