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Our 8 favorite frozen treat recipes

If summer does one thing, it gives us an excuse to eat lots of frozen treats! After all, it's hot outside and we need to keep cool. So whether you prefer ice cream, sno-cones, slushies or sorbet, we've got yummy frozen treat recipes to keep you cool all summer long. Coconut pops: I love coconut. I know it's a polarizing food. People either love or hate it. Since I love it, I've been dying to make these, I just need to get some popsicle trays. But they sound easy and delicious!



Frozen Reese's Peanut Butter Pie: There are no words for how good this sounds...or looks. And the recipe is super easy. This is the perfect item to bring to your next BBQ. I guarantee it'll be a hit!



Chocolate covered frozen bananas: Freezing fruit is a great summer trick and treat. From popping frozen grapes in your mouth to this concoction, you can go as healthy or decadent as you like. This treat allows you to customize what you put on your banana and make as many varieties as you want. Plus it takes only a few minutes to prepare. Frozen deliciousness!



Samoa milkshake: For the love of all things holy, this sounds amazing. Samoas are perhaps my favorite Girl Scout Cookie, next to Thin Mints, and put into a milkshake makes them even more divine. The only problem with this one is getting your hands on a box of these cookies off season. Good luck!



Thin mint milkshake: I couldn't resist. If you don't like coconut, but still want to enjoy a Girl Scout Cookie-inspired beverage, try this very simple, chocolatey masterpiece.



Orange creamsicle frozen yogurt: For a healthy, refreshing treat this summer try this easy yogurt recipe with both a bold flavor and a tangy bite.



Kiwi ice pops: These pops are super easy to make and great for kids.



Frozen coffee: Need a kick with your frozen treat? Blend strong, cold coffee with ice, milk, chocolate syrup, perhaps a little caramel, a pinch of sea salt and top with whipped cream.



Check out six delicious smoothie recipes that will also keep you cool this summer. My favorite is the Brazilian smoothie with avocado, coconut milk, unsweetened almond milk, frozen banana and vanilla extract. I also like to add in a little spinach for some extra nutrients.

Save it for later trick: of any smoothie or the frozen coffee recipes, pour the mixture in ice cube trays and blend the frozen cubes at a later date. That way you don't have to get all of the ingredients out the next time, just the cubes!

And don't forget, today 7-Eleven is giving out free TwixR or SnickersR ice cream bars and Saturday you can score a free Slurpee! Frozen treats for free? Count me in!

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