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It's free Slurpee Day!

It's that day of the year again! Today from 11am-7pm visit participating 7-Eleven stores for your free small Slurpee! We love this day (as you can see) so much that we wrote an Ode to the Slurpee last year. HP_Slurpees!But that's not all! This year 7-Eleven is keeping the fun going all week and giving a bunch of free treats the week after if you use the 7-Eleven app.

  • Saturday, July 12 = free Big Gulp
  • Sunday, July 13 = free Birthday Cake-flavored M&Ms
  • Monday, July 14 = free Grandma's Cookies
  • Tuesday = free Twinkies (which, yes, we've wrote about these spongy treats before, too)
  • Wednesday, July 16 = free Twix or Snickers ice cream bars
  • Thursday, July 17 = a free Quaker Chewy Yogurt Snack Bar (the attempt at a healthy free snack, I guess?)
  • Friday, July 18 = free Pillsbury Cookies
  • Saturday, July 19 = ANOTHER free small Slurpee!

I'm assuming the app will continue to dish out coupons, so if you're a regular 7-Eleven shopper, why not?

Whether you're in it for the week or just today, grab the kids and go get a free frozen treat! Cheers!

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