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5 Unique Pinterest Cakes: Perfected

Cakes are common among so many different types of celebrations, and with Pinterest, the inspiration is limitless! We often see hosts get extremely creative with the cakes they make for their House Parties - from cakes decorated with the brand's logo, to potty shaped cakes (!) for a Pull-UpsR House Party. I especially like to make cakes for birthdays, but I also like to mix things up sometimes. I made these 5 unique Pinterest cakes, along with a few tweaks. Citrus Olive Oil Cake/Cupcakes I was inspired to make this for my boyfriend's birthday last year because he doesn't like super sweet food, and it seemed very fitting for Spring. Baking with olive oil sounded interesting too, and you couldn't really taste it in the final product. I used a cupcake tin instead of a cake pan for better portability to the restaurant where we had his birthday dinner. The final outcome was pretty good in terms of flavor, texture, and difficulty (and visuals).

Citrus olive oil cupcakes

Pear Ginger Cake/Muffins I chose to make this cake for my boyfriend's birthday party this year because I learned he loves ginger and after some searching, this seemed like a good option that would be a little spicy and not too sweet. I made a few adjustments by baking this in a cake pan instead of a muffin tin, plus also chopped up some crystallized ginger slices (the sulfate-free kind) and sprinkled them in the batter and on top of the cake. The pears sweetened the cake just enough without overpowering it, while the crystallized ginger slices added some extra zing and texture. My boyfriend and our friends liked it a lot!

Ginger gives this cake a twist

Wacky Cake I found this cake while looking for a chocolate cake to make for my brother. After discovering that it likely came about during WWII, when eggs and milk were scarce, it sounded interesting and easy, so I tried it and it turned out very moist and delicious! I topped it off with a peanut butter icing (just blended natural peanut butter with some confectioner's sugar and a little vanilla) and my brother loved it. This may become my go-to birthday cake!

Wacky cake indeed!

Lemon Avocado "Cheesecake" Inspired by our past Avocados from Mexico Amazing Holiday Party, I wanted to try making an avocado cheesecake. I found this super gourmet version and made a few tweaks to simplify it, then brought it to a girls night and everyone really enjoyed it. They were pleasantly surprised that even though the traditional cream cheese was replaced with avocado, it still tasted delicious and creamy. Plus, avocado is a natural beautifier for your skin and hair, so even more reason to try this! Instead of the berry compote topping, I added fresh lemon zest and a sprinkling of cinnamon. I also nixed the coconut butter, and made this in a large round pan instead of smaller round pans. I would definitely make this again!

Avocado replaces cream cheese in this cake.

Can Cake Instead of baking an edible cake, I made a drinkable cake! My friend was having a birthday party and he loves beer (especially PBR), so when I came across this particular pin, it looked perfect for his party. You can customize the look of it for any occasion, and stack it with the beverage of your choice (beer, soda, or even flavored seltzer water). I bought a birthday themed tiered cake stand from The Christmas Tree Shop to use as the base structure, then simply inserted the cans onto each tier. Since there are no birthday candles to blow out, I wanted to give it some added flair, so instead of using ribbon to hold the layers together, I used metallic star-flecked wire. The can cake was a hit at the party, and we all loved that it was mess-free too, no slicing required!

It's a cake...made of cans!

Next up, I want to try this unique looking "birthday cake" made of boxes and fill the boxes with cookies!

What unique cakes have you made or looking forward to making from Pinterest?

Image courtesy of DevilishlyAbstract

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