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Food for thought: 5 Pinterest desserts, devoured!

You may pin and repin so many recipes, but how often do you actually make them? Well - in my continued look at Pinterest's tastiest offerings - I put 5 new dessert-oriented pins to the test, along with a few tips and suggestions! (And, for a bit more inspiration, don't forget to check out my pinboard dedicated to delicious desserts, too!

"The Best" Chocolate Chip Cookies I've made these a few times and they consistently turn out well. They always taste as good as they look - chewy and flavorful! Plus, the coconut oil makes them "healthier." I like using Enjoy Life Semi Sweet Mega Chunks for the chocolate chips.

pinterest desserts

Healthy Red Velvet Brownies I had some leftover cooked beets I needed to use up, and have been eyeing beet brownie recipes for a while. I also wanted to add protein to them, so when I found this pin, I had to try it! I had to omit the applesauce (used 2 extra beets along with a 2 tablespoons of coconut oil instead), plus I added a tablespoon of instant coffee for added depth. While these turned out alright, to be honest, they weren't as good as I had expected. Next time, I'd nix the coffee as it was a little overpowering (maybe use ground espresso or simply leave it out) and follow the recipe exactly, including the apple sauce.

Nutty Caramel Chocolate Covered Apple Sweet and salty, chocolatey and chewy, this dessert looked decadent. However, this healthier version features "nature's caramel", medjool dates. I had issues getting the caramel to stick to the apple, so I ended up cutting the apple into slices and topping with the caramel, nuts, and chocolate instead. It still turned out yummy though!

pinterest desserts

Raw Smoothie Pie With the weather getting warmer, and spring in full swing, it's a good time to start breaking out the cold desserts again. This recipe is simple, fruity, delicious - and best of all - raw, so no cooking required. I brought this to a dinner party and it was gobbled right up!

Never Ending Peanut Butter Ice-Cream (Dairy-Free) I followed this mostly to the letter, but did tweak it a bit into a "Brown-Sugared Pecan Peanut Butter Ice-Cream" variation by adding brown sugar and a handful of chopped pecans (because, after all, a little inspiration never hurt a good dessert recipe!). I followed the suggestion to use canned coconut milk to make it creamier and it turned out great. I also used an ice cream maker, however I've used the method of freezing canned coconut milk in an ice cube tray and mixing them with fruit in my Vitamix blender with a little almond milk, vanilla, and sugar for an awesome treat as well. Take it a step further by sandwiching it between two of the chocolate chip cookies from the recipe above and be prepared for dessert decadence!

pinterest desserts

What desserts have you made from your Pinterest boards? Any tips to share with us?

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