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Nothing says home like holiday desserts

Tis' the season...for feasting. And the best way to wake up from your turkey coma is with a little - or a lot of - dessert. I have a huge sweet tooth, in fact, I would eat dessert for all of my meals if it were deemed acceptable by society...and my waistline. We all know that during the holidays there's always room for more. So without further ado, here are some of what I consider the holiday dessert essentials:

Pie: Obviously. You need the basics: apple, pumpkin, pecan, etc. Check out these Thanksgiving mini pumpkin pies; bite-sized and delicious. They're less messy and easier to keep for leftovers than a full pie.

Cookies: For Santa (and myself). Last year at House Party we had a cookie swap and the tradition will continue this year (stay tuned). If you haven't read last year's holiday cookie blog, be sure to now! We've listed recipes for chocolate chunk peppermint pudding cookies, pumpkin spice chocolate cookies and holiday snowball cookies. One of my favorite recipes is for red velvet cookie balls. They take a while to make, but they're worth it.

Cake: I'm thankful for cake and this yule log cake is a must-make during the holidays. It's a traditional French dessert (known as buche de Noel, in it's native tongue) served around Christmas and it's a lot easier to make than it looks. There are a variety of flavors you can choose from when baking one, too. Here are some suggestions from

Now get baking! If you're looking for some other Holiday recipe ideas, take a look at our Holiday Party Planning Pinterest Page. Also, we have some awesome side dish recipes and Holiday drink recipes to go right along with that dessert.

So, what are some of your favorite Holiday desserts?

About the author: Shana is a friend of House Party. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and concerts. Her party tip: Dessert, specifically chocolate.

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