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Slow cooker recipes for soups, stews and more

Winter is coming! While for many that's met with dread, doom and gloom, it does have a positive. Time to whip out the slow cooker and make comfort food. I love the slow cooker. It's not only just one pot to clean, it's literally tossing items in, turning it on and walking away. For a non-chef like me, this is perfection. So here are some slow cooker recipes sure to keep you fed and out of the kitchen all winter long.

Be sure to check out these great soup recipes we shared earlier in the year.

Is chili is more your speed? Well, we've got some delicious versions here from our Chili cook-off.

Even if it's not the Super Bowl, these slow cooker recipes will warm you and fill you up on game day, or any day for that matter.

I also love those recipes for things that seem like they shouldn't work in a slow cooker - but do. Try this one for lasagna. Yes, lasagna. You don't even have to cook the noodles first. Awesome.

Beef stew your thing? Try this recipe for a traditional crowd-pleaser.

But don't think your slow cooker is just for meals. How about some dessert? From cheesecake and bread pudding to chocolate ganache and rice pudding, here are 22 recipes to appease your sweet tooth.

These are a pretty solid sampling of all that slow cookers can provide, but what are some of your favorite slow cooker soups, stews and more? Share your recipes with us here.

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