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TBT: Back-to-school lunch box recipes

For parents and students alike, in case you haven't heard it already (which is highly unlikely), it is indeed the dreaded "back-to-school" season. As summer comes to a close, parents might be relishing this time a bit, but don't be fooled, there's no doubt that it presents some renewed hurdles, too: homework woes, the joys of waking the wee ones for the bus, and, of course, the daily regime of making lunches. Wait a sec.

While being a task-master with homework and sounding the bugle in the morning may ultimately be your responsibility, Mom and Dad, we've totally got you covered on lunches. In fact, last year, the House Party community rallied tons of great snack and lunch box ideas to help each other out and we wrote a blog post about a mere fraction of them. So, while back-to-school hurdles may still await you, we're pretty sure that we've at least made one of these hurdles just a bit easier to hop over. We've even equipped you with tons of great ideas from Pinterest as well on our "Kid-friendly food" pinboard.

Have some great school lunch or snack ideas you'd like to share? Well, we'd love to hear them (and we're pretty sure there are tons of parents out there that would love to have them in their lunchtime arsenal as well!) So, let's hear em!

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