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10 healthy summer food swaps

With summer here, I thought it would be a great time to introduce some healthy and light alternatives to more heavy winter foods. It's an easy swap and your bathing suit will thank me later. Shirataki noodles instead of high carb noodles

Gluten-free, low-calorie, low carb, fat-free and high in fiber and iron, shirataki noodles such as Nasoya Pasta Zero Shirataki Noodles provide an excellent replacement for traditional pasta noodles. Find them in the refrigerated shelves of the produce section at your local grocery store and try swapping them in recipes where you usually use spaghetti, or explore these recipes.

Rice paper wrappers instead of tortilla

Convenient and cost-effective, rice paper wrappers are great to keep on-hand because they aren't perishable and you can prepare them to your liking in a snap. Just wet them under the sink and fill with your favorite ingredients for a delicious low-carb meal. This is fun for the whole family!

Avocado instead of dairy products

Avocados provide healthy fats and a healthy glow for your skin. Swap cheese on pizza or replace ice-cream in a milkshake. Try this "vanilla-cado milkshake" recipe (note, you could omit the almond extract and swap the Stevia with the sweetener of your choice, such as frozen banana, agave, etc.).

Who needs mayo when you can use avocado?

Bananas instead of refined sugar

Peeled, super ripe, frozen bananas add the perfect sweetness to smoothies and plain oatmeal.

Kale instead of lettuce

Moffles (mochi waffles) instead of frozen waffles

Frozen waffles often contain a long list of ingredients, whereas gluten-free mochi contains just a handful of ingredients (and you can understand them all). Try the moffle-making process from this blog, which gives a thorough breakdown (including pictures) of how to make them.

Ground flax seeds (flax meal) instead of eggs

Maybe you're trying to lower your cholesterol, or you've just run out of eggs - consider replacing eggs with flax meal using these tips to add fiber and omega-3 fatty acids to your diet.

Quinoa instead of white rice

Take this advice from Dr. Jamie Beckerman for an easy swap that will lower your carbs and increase your nutrition, while offering the same versatility that white rice does.

Nutritional food yeast instead of powdered cheese

Don't let the name turn you off - this dairy-free, cheesy tasting powder is packed with nutritional benefits and can be used in many dishes, from pasta to mac and cheese. Check out 20 unusual ways to use it.

Unsweetened cocoa powder instead of chocolate syrup

Looking at the labels of a major chocolate company for these two products side by side, the unsweetened cocoa powder's only ingredient is cocoa, while the chocolate syrup is filled with artificial ingredients and preservatives. Instead of stirring chocolate syrup into milk next time you make chocolate milk, watch this video for a simple, healthier alternative.

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