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Summer Food and Cocktail Recipes: The State of Summer Fare

A casual afternoon BBQ with friends and family; a ravenous hoard of pre-teens swarming your backyard; a belly registering the pangs of hunger after hours driving on a long road trip - these are just a few of the typical summertime situations you can find yourself in that can quickly escalate into dire hunger and thirst. Seem a bit melodramatic? You just might reconsider once the fun of running through the sprinklers loses its charm and your child (along with six of his friends) have now set their sights on your kitchen.

Not to worry; that's why we're here - to help you survive summer with the perfect set of quick go-to grub, delicious drinks and even a few cooling adult cocktails that you need in your arsenal. We've gathered a few of our favorite food and cocktail suggestions below.

The Backyard Banshees:

  • Rainbow Jell-OR Orange Wedges: Kids will love these! A dash of food coloring or different Jell-O flavors simply in a new form are sure to make this a "no-utensils-needed" fave.

Road Trip Eats 'n Treats:

  • Snack Box: This is a simple tool kit, but it's a brilliant way to keep organized as a parent and make sure you've got variety for your little one's snacks. Don't leave home without it!

  • PB & Celery: This may sound familiar, but you've never seen it like this. This is a great idea as long as you're bringing a chilled cooler along for the ride. (PS: We're sure your kids will help to make sure there's plenty of room in that jar, too. Now, where's the jelly?)

  • Jerky: Whether it's beef, turkey, teriyaki, peppered, mesquite or otherwise, a little of this tough stuff can go a long way. People either love it or hate it, but there's no getting around the fact that it's as much a road trip staple as gas station stops or sizzling vinyl seats.

Adult Ambience:

  • Lemon and Mint Summer Cocktail: This adult refresher combines limonata, bourbon and mint among other ingredients. Summer moments of relaxation are made for this drink!

  • Sunday Punch: This looks crisp and cool and has an ingredient list that is surprisingly short - don't worry, we won't tell your guests. All they need to know is it's delicious!

  • Cardamom Berry Smash: This one takes a bit more planning and prep, but appears entirely worth it and is sure to get the smiles and cheers to the bartender this summer.

While summer can seem both fleeting and long all at once, these recipes should help to keep you having fun, entertaining and enjoying each other's company not slaving away in a kitchen or blender. And if you don't happen to see something that strikes your fancy here, as always we encourage you to check out our House Party "Summertime Fun" Pinterest Board for loads more great ideas.

Better yet, drop us a line here: What're some of your favorite summer food or drink recipes?

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