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It's grillin' time! Great BBQ recipes to try this season

It's been a chilly start to spring here on the East coast, but as long as the weather is above 50 degrees outside, it's grilling time!! (As Brian pointed out last year, May is officially National Barbeque Month!) I employ three simple rules when it comes to grilling: 1. Have a good set of steel grilling tools. At least a good spatula and tongs, you'll be happy when you're not burning yourself and trying to poke a hot dog with a fork later on.

2. Stock up on good grilling rubs and sauces. A simple marinade or rub can make a huge difference in the taste of grilled meat. Huffington Post did the research for us and singled out the best BBQ sauces and here's a great list of rubs and sauces from BBQ Addicts. Seems like a good group to learn from, right? You can even make your own if you're feeling adventurous!

3. Think outside the bun! Sure, hot dogs and hamburgers are the necessary staples, but why not learn some new BBQ recipes this year? How about grill a nice cut of fish or perfect the brisket this year?

And don't forget about the BBQ recipes we've posted in the past. All of these are delicious BBQ options you can get started on today!

And if all of that isn't enough inspiration to fire up the grill, check out our Pinterest board for even more great BBQ recipes!

Is your grill all set for action this year? What's your favorite food to grill?

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