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Grow your own sprouts: healthy, inexpensive sprouts in 1-2-3

When you think of sprouting, it may sound intimidating. It turns out, sprouting beans, seeds, and grains is actually super easy, nutritious and fun for the whole family! Sprouting also helps people digest beans. I especially like it because it's as easy as 1-2-3, and inexpensive too - you only need a few items. You'll need:

  • Beans, seeds, or grains - I purchased a bag of Bob's Red Mill Mung Beans at Stop & Shop for around $6 but you could probably find them at most health food stores or online too.
  • Mason jar - I used a cleaned out a pasta sauce jar
  • Cheese cloth
  • Rubber band


Setup - I recommend taking 2 minutes to start the first step at night before you go to bed:

1. Drop about 1/4 cup mung beans into the jar. Cover with water, then secure the cheesecloth over the lid with a rubber band (Note: you'll leave the cheesecloth on throughout the entire growth process, until you're ready to eat the sprouts)

2. Drain the water and let the jar of damp beans sit out on the table for about 4-8 hours overnight.

Day 2

1. In the morning, run water through the cheesecloth lid then rinse the water out and set the jar back on the table.

2. When you get home at night, repeat step 3.

Day 3-4 (optional)

1. Repeat this process of rinsing then setting the jar back on the table. You can do this for up to 4 days depending on how big you want the sprouts. Pop the sprouts into the fridge when they reach your desired size and eat them within a few days.

For additional tips, there are a lot of useful videos online, such as these two videos:

I attempted the same technique with Chia seeds, but learned that they don't sprout the same way as mung beans (thought I could make my own Chia Pet in a jar!) The seeds just stuck together and made a gel - I could see a little sprouting after a few days, but it made a clumped blob because I had too many seeds in the jar. This blog shows the recommended way to sprout chia seeds

Have fun! And let us know what your favorite sprouts are to grow.

Set up

Day 1 - Mung bean sprouts

Day 2 - Mung bean sprouts

Day 3

The could-have-been Chia pet (i.e., the incorrect way to sprout Chia seeds!)

Mmmmm, beer

And our first book is...