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Cooking with Sarah: Wonton wrappers and muffin tins

While you typically enjoy wonton wrappers with Chinese take-out, there's more to these thin little doughy squares than meets the eye. With a muffin tin, you can make them into amazing little edible bowls that are perfectly sized for appetizers, individual servings of dips, or even portion-controlled desserts. No more bumping elbows or finding that perfect seat between your friends and the food! (...don't judge my priorities). Food bloggers out there might yawn at my "discovery," but for those of you who've never considered the possibilities of the wonton wrapper - consider this your wonton 101. Enjoy! Where to find them Most major grocery stores sell wonton wrappers. Look in the refrigerated section near the tofu and other wrappers. Since the wonton wrappers come in a relatively small package, try to spot a larger package of eggroll wrappers, and they'll lead you to the right place. Or, just ask an employee! You never know how a store might organize these more unique items - they might be hiding in the ethnic food section.

The basics Once you have your wonton wrappers, make sure you have a muffin tin, some cooking spray and a bit of oil to brush them with if you want. While the wrappers are definitely fragile, manipulating them to fit well is surprisingly easy - see for yourself in this video called, "How to Make Wrap Cups." Now for the fun part - figuring out what you're going to fill them with.

Hot stuff My mom actually introduced this idea to me when she served "sausage stars" at a party. They disappeared immediately. I recently used a close adaptation to this recipe but left out the olives. You can also make...

Cold dips These are also great for individual servings of cold dips. Just prep the wonton wrappers in the muffin tin by creating little cups and brushing with vegetable or olive oil, and bake at 350 for 5 minutes. They crisp up and become golden quickly! Let them cool and then fill.

Dessert While most wonton dessert cup recipes are of the fruity variety, I invite you to experiment with chocolate and peanut butter. Let me know what you cook up and I'll definitely update you if I make any delicious discoveries, too!

More tips

  • When giving the wrappers a quick bake in the muffin tin, watch them closely. They can quickly go from golden to burnt.
  • These are awesome for throwing a big party - or a party where the timing can be tricky because guests are coming in and out - because most recipes can be made in advance. Bake a bunch of little wonton cups and prep your filling the day before and it'll take you less than 15 minutes to prep and bake fresh hot appetizers. Of course, store those wontons carefully!
  • That muffin tin can be your new best friend. Check out these mini pies!

Have you ever cooked with wonton wrappers? Share your favorite fillings or recipes here.

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