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Ode to the Slurpee

The website has a brain freeze recovery counter. It's been immortalized in cinema, television, song and pop culture. We're referring, of course, to the Slurpee. That giant of frozen-flavored goodness. Able to quench thirst in a single sip and send a subsequent chill up your spine and a pain in your brain. Today, July 11, is 7-Eleven Day and in fact, you can get a free Slurpee between 11am and 7pm at your local store. To celebrate the heat of summer and this joyous occasion, we at the House Party blog (with the help of everyone on Facebook), want to pay homage to the Slurpee. Slurpee memories

Danielle: I can't remember my first Slurpee experience. I do know that I can't go to the movies anymore without having a cherry one by my side. (I may sneak them in from 7-11 as opposed to paying $6 in the theater - shh!). And it has to be cherry. No other flavor will suffice. Not only does it pair well with popcorn, it's the perfect accompaniment to gummy bears and sour patch kids, my movie favorite candy.

But if you're a fan of the "Glee," like I am, no other show in recent memory has immortalized the Slurpee (or slushie, as they generically refer to it) better. Because the Glee kids in the show are supposed to be outsiders, they are often "slushied," meaning they get a slushie thrown into their face. It's also called a slushie facial. The slushie has even been used repeatedly in the show's advertising. Now I've thankfully never had this happen to me, but you can bet it doesn't feel good and worse, you certainly must be sticky the rest of the day. But I guess the upside is you might get some in your mouth.

Slurpee memories

Brian: Ok, I'll admit it, my first Slurpee wasn't even a Slurpee. It was one of those "slushie" generics that Danielle referred to, called an "ICEE." Phew, well now that I've got that off my chest I can redeem myself a bit. While my ICEE was decent enough, I can truly remember my first Slurpee (a taste bud game-changer, I might add) as an 11 or 12 year-old. Contrary to most traditionalists, cherry was not my fave by any means. At that time, with the rise of action-sports and the "X Games," I was drawn to anything neon-yellow or Mountain Dew-branded. And this is how I met my all-time favorite Slurpee flavor: Mountain Dew. There was just something about it that still had a sugary bite, but was so mind-numbingly cold and thick. Iced yellow dye #5 perfection!

At the age of 11 though, there'd be no cruising up to the 7-11 in my car. While my taste buds reflected Gen-X, my methods were old-school: a bike, youth and plenty of adrenaline. So, after every lawn-mowing or summer day outdoors, I'd make sure to save just enough energy to make the 3-mile ride to the nearest 7-11, aka, the summer oasis.

Paying a bit of homage to the generic beginnings of my love for this style of beverage, I have to cite one of my favorite examples of it in the tome of modern culinary iconography. Whenever I get a hankering for a Slurpee, I can't help but be reminded of the machine running incessantly behind dutiful "Qwik-E-Mart" clerk, Apu, in television's The Simpsons. Now, it may not technically be a "Slurpee," but c'mon...we all know the truth. And so do I...that one of the few times I resemble Bart or Homer is when I scarf one of those magical beverages down like a cartoon character. I can feel a brain-freeze coming on just thinking about it.

Slurpee memories

Sarah: I'm not sure when my first Slurpee was either...but I know we had them in Canada and they were as iconic and loved as they are here in the US. In fact, Winnipeg, Manitoba was crowned the Slurpee Capital of the World for the twelfth time in a row in 2011 (See, Canadian cities can't be that cold!).

There's been one constant throughout my long-term relationship with this frosty beverage - to mix or not to mix? Flavor mixing, to me, is a dangerous game that often produces an indistinguishable flavor with a high probability of having a really weird aftertaste. Obviously, I'm a Slurpee flavor purist. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is a mixer. This is what he said (...seriously):

"That to mix flavors is akin to being a great inventor. Maybe you were the first person to come up with this certain combination. Maybe no one else was ever daring enough to do what you are about to do. You're the Edison of slightly frozen drinks. However, I do have a disclaimer: mixing is a young man's game. You tend to shy away from the risk as you age."

Don't worry - we don't let our differing opinions get in the way of our relationship...but we DO have the debate EVERY time we're at 7-11 together. How about you - do you dare to mix? Is your home divided on the subject, too?

Slurpee memories

And finally, the most famous Slurpee memory from our Facebook community. Jeff was on the news in a Slurpee slurping competition, and he was the fastest - he beat brain freeze!


Do you have a favorite Slurpee memory? Share it with us.


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