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Sipping with Liz: summer cocktails

Although Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day Weekend are now behind us, that's no reason to stop the party. As of last Wednesday, it's officially the summer season, and that in itself is reason to celebrate! I believe it's my job as the resident mixologist to arm you with the necessary cocktail recipes you'll need to get the party started! Martha Stewart has some great recipes for summer cocktails and even some great recipes for those that want a non-alcoholic, festive treat.

One of my favorite things to mix up in the summer is Sangria - it's easy, refreshing and very tasty! The best part is, you can play around with the amounts of ingredients to get the exact flavor you want.

I like to mix a bottle of white wine in a pitcher with a citrus flavored vodka, triple sec, white cranberry or white grape juice and seltzer water with sliced fruits (oranges, lemons and green apples preferably). If you prefer red wine, just stick with the darker fruits: red wine, raspberry or cherry flavored rum or vodka (or brandy, which is more traditional), pomegranite juice, seltzer and sliced apples and oranges. Allow time for the liquids to mix with the fruits which will enhance the flavor - a few hours or even overnight is enough time. Then pour into a large wine glass over ice and enjoy!

Need some food recipes for your summer fun? Check out our BBQ Fun Pinterest board for help in that department.

Here's wishing you a wonderful, safe, happy and healthy summer season!

What are some of your favorite summer drinks?

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