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Twinkies are back: 7 fun facts about the spongy treat

Today marks the day that the beloved Twinkies are back on store shelves, and all is right in the world again. Personally, I've never been a fan of the Twinkie, as a dessert with no chocolate in it is just not a dessert to me, but I'm well aware of the Twinkie phenomenon and the craze that ensued when Twinkies were taken off the shelf late last year. Craze = boxes of Twinkies listed on eBay for $200,000 (including shipping, thank goodness). So, now that they're back and we can all start to rebuild our savings accounts from the Twinkie-pocalypse preparation, let's celebrate the little sponge cake with some fun facts.

1. Twinkies were invented in River Forest, Illinois on April 6, 1930 by James Alexander Dewar, who reportedly ate two Twinkies every day for much of his life.

2. Twinkie shelf life is about 25 days, despite the myth that it's infinite.

3. The retail price for a twinkie is 40 cents ($3.99 per box of 10).

4. One of the artificial ingredients in Twinkies is cellulose gum, which gives Twinkie cream its smooth feel. Another place you can find this cellulose gum is in rocket fuel. Yep.

5. Before shutting down, Hostess churned out more than 1000 Twinkies per minute or about 500 million per year.

6. According to Hostess, it takes about 45 seconds to explode a Twinkie in a standard powered microwave.

7. This guy ate 24 Twinkies in one minute, which is 3,600 calories.

Want to make your own Twinkies? Check out the recipe and depend no longer on whether they're gracing store shelves or not!

The sweetest comeback in the history of ever? You be the judge.

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