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The first 6 months as a parent: House Party's newest Dad!

The first 6 months as a parent: House Party's newest Dad!

Here at House Party, like many tight-knit workplaces, we're much more than simply colleagues - we're essentially family. We're there for each other during the ups, the downs, the celebrations and the challenges. Most recently, one of the biggest celebrations we enjoyed was welcoming a new member to the House Party family with the birth of our VP of Operations' son. And, while we're sure he and his wife are getting a bit less sleep, we thought there might be plenty of other life changes that the first six months had ushered-in as well. So, it's a perfect opportunity for our very own Meera to check-in with him after the first 6 months of being a parent.

Meera: So Steve, you've just had your first baby - a boy, named Quinn - and he was born in April? How did you decide on the name Quinn?

Steve: That's right! Born in April, just over 6 months now. I bounced names around with my wife and came to it. Funny story - the first time we were discussing it, the very first thing my wife said was: "We just can NOT name him Steve!"

M: Aw, No Steve Jrs?! So you knew he would be a boy then?

S:Yup - no surprises for us. We wanted to be as prepared as possible.

M:Makes sense. What would you say his personality is like?

S:Quinn is a very happy baby. He laughs at everything (or maybe he just knows he has a goofy dad!) and is very observant.

parent dad

M: Aww - How would you describe parenting the first few weeks in, and how would you describe it now?

S:Everyone tries to describe parenting to you, but the first month totally blew our minds. It's hard to describe - but you go from just taking care of your life, to having this baby become priority. I have to say, it's truly what you put into it. It's just as rewarding as it is challenging.

M: Did you prep at all in advance/take classes on babies?

S:So I'm the youngest, and I've really never had much experience with babies or young kids. I took a class on how to change diapers 2 weeks before Quinn was born!

M: Hahaha, hope it was a success! So Quinn is babbling now right, what would you like his first word to be?

S: Honestly, anything. As a new parent, anything Quinn does is amazing. So I wouldn't even mind if his first word was poop... or maybe mom or dad would be nice too. My wife speaks Mandarin and she speaks to him in Mandarin as well, so he will be a bilingual baby!

M:That's awesome! Can you give all those soon-to-be-parents out there some advice?

parenting baby

S: There is no wrong or right in parenting. Just keep being active and keep doing as much as you can. You'll never know all the answers, or any of the answers for that matter. Do the best with what you can and be involved. Parenting goes fast - right now I think he'll be a baby forever - but now he's 6 months old and those months won't come back.

M: Ahh - great advice. I think our readers will appreciate it! Last question - what are you looking forward to most with Quinn as he gets older?

S:He's definitely going to be a music guy; we've already started him on that. Check out Peter and the Wolf on Spotify - it's the story of Peter and the Wolf and each instrument is a different character. Mostly, I just can't wait to help him explore the world around us.

Parents out there, this may sound very familiar based on your experience of the first several months as a parent. And, for soon-to-be-parents or those thinking kids are somewhere in the future, Steve's got some great bits of knowledge to keep in mind as the days of parenting approach.

To Steve and his wife, we say - once again - congratulations! And, of course, welcome to the family, Quinn!

If you're a parent, what were some of the best nuggets of advice and observations you had as you got your feet wet leading the next generation? We'd love to hear in the comment below!

This post was written by House Party's Meera. Meera is House Party's Sales Development Manager. Meera lives in scenic Jersey City with 3 incredible roommates- power women who inspire her every day. When Meera isn't busy perfecting the art of the 'selfie,' she loves to travel, explore NYC with her camera, and jam out on the guitar. Meera's number one party tip is to always surround yourself with people who make you laugh- it'll be a good time no matter what!

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