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5 tips to prepare for spring and summer!

5 tips to prepare for spring and summer!

Spring is here at last. At last! We survived that long, cold, dark winter and sunny days are finally here. Well, they may not all be sunny but they're most certainly warmer... and before warm turns to hot, here are a few housekeeping/kid-keeping tips to make sure your home is in order before summer arrives.  

Clean out

Clean out the medicine cabinet. Out with the old, expired stuff and in with summer essentials: Benadryl for allergies and bug bites, Zanfel to wash off the poison ivy and a hydrocortisone cream to treat it - just in case. While you're at it, stock up on allergy medicine, eye drops, aloe vera and first aid supplies - skinned knees are as much a sign of spring here as daffodils!


Update your beach bag. Did Junior lose his towel last summer? Does your princess need goggles to swim? Is your sunblock expired? Now's the time to stock up on all things summer so when the day comes to hit the beach, you'll be ready to roll.

Stock up

Stock up on swimsuits. And sun hats and swim shirts too. While you're at it, fill your cart with shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops as well. It's not only the time they're on sale, it's also the time you'll find the best selection of sizes and colors.

Gear up

Don't wait until the first little league practice to buy your little slugger a mitt. And if spring soccer is part of your plan, check that your soccer star's cleats from the fall still fit; kids tend to do a lot of growing over the winter and the last thing you (or they!) want is blisters on the first day of practice.

Clean out some more

Winter boots, hats, coats and gloves got a lot of use this say the very least! But how do they fit now? If they're already snug, it's time to either pack them up for a little brother or sister or put them in a giveaway bag for a friend, family member or local charity.

What's on the top of your spring cleaning/organizing checklist?

About our Guest Contributor, Kerry:

Kerry is the SVP, Marketing here at House Party. When she's not wearing her marketing hat, Kerry enjoys spending time with her five children, husband and dog, Finnegan. Kerry runs her own blog where she shares more ideas like this and other survival tips for a busy mom of 5!

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