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Time to take your kids to work!

Time to take your kids to work!

You see them in the morning as they get ready. You throw breakfast together and then...poof, they're out the door and off to school. You then see them after work when they've returned home, rich with new stories of their days and discoveries (unless they're teenagers...then you might not be able to get the time of day out of them!.

For parents, particularly working parents, most weekdays look a lot like this. The days are bookended with family time as you separately go tackle the challenges of work and school each day. Well, every year in late April, parents and kids are encouraged to stick together for the entire day as the nation celebrates Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

We've had several occasions where House Party team parents have had their children visit work on this day and we thought we'd chat a bit with one of them, our General Counsel and SVP of HR, Liz C., to know a bit more about what this experience is really like for parents and kids alike!

HP: What was your favorite part of the day?

Liz: My favorite part was introducing my son to everyone and showing him how busy my day is!

HP: Was your child excited? Nervous? Indifferent?

Liz: He was very excited to share my day with me and meet everyone. He felt special being able to come in and everyone really showed an interest in him and what he does as well.

HP: Were there activities at work for the children?

Liz: Yes. One time he came on a day that we were having a pizza BBQ day and he helped roll out dough and prep. [Editor's Note: We can vouch that Liz's son knows his way around pizza dough. The pizza was de-lish!] Another time he came, there were a few people who wanted to play with him. He also helped with filing and organizing.

HP: Did you come up with activities to help keep him engaged? (If so, what types of things proved helpful?)

Liz: He helped with some admin work - filing and getting mailers ready which he really enjoyed. He loved helping with the food prep for our outing. He also brought his own "work" to do and spent some time studying and reading.

HP: What did your son or daughter say they learned that particular day?

Liz: He said he learned how busy I am and how things pop up that have to be taken care of so there's not a set schedule like he has during the day. He also saw that things get done but there's always more to do.

HP: From what you recall, did the visit to work change their perspective on what "going to work" for an adult means?

Liz: Yes, he got to see how busy I am during the day.

3 Tips for a great Take Your Kids to Work Day!

kids at work

Make if fun and memorable.

Describe your company and your role to your child beforehand, pick out a great outfit together and set expectations about what will happen throughout the day beforehand. Be sure to have activities planned that will have an impact on them so they understand what you do all day.

Plan, plan, plan!

Hopefully your company will do most of the planning for the day, but if not, take the lead! This isn't a day for your child to sit next to you and play on their phone (they can do that at home!), but to get involved in your work (to the degree that's possible). Show them some of you work, ask questions, bring them to meetings when appropriate. Don't have them do your job, but get them involved. If there are other children in the office, break up the day by having them work in groups on assigned projects that relate to your work (make a prototype, create a collage of products, interview other workers about their roles or even make a video of your co-workers and their roles).

Reward them!

After a long hard day, go get ice cream or a fun dinner and talk about the day, what they learned and see if they can reiterate exactly what you do, what the company goals are and why your work is important.

If you choose to participate in the day, take it seriously and feel good about teaching the next generation about hard work, dedication and passion!

Are you bringing your son or daughter to work? We'd love to hear all about it and what your company has planned.

Liz is House Party's General Counsel/SVP of Admin. She lives in Garnerville, NY with her husband and three children. Liz loves spending time with her family, her kids are so involved with sports and activities that she and her husband are constantly running around to a game, practice or gathering with family/friends. Liz also enjoys fitness and reading a great deal, too. Liz's number one party tip is to always have things for the kids to do: "If they're busy, everyone's happy! "

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