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5 spring cleaning tips

5 spring cleaning tips

Spring is here and that can only mean one thing: spring cleaning. Each year as the seasons change, I'm stunned by the amount of stuff we accumulate. In our case, this "stuff" includes a whole lot of baby gear, preschool paintings, kindergarten homework, naked dolls and trucks without wheels. Fortunately, I have some great friends with great ideas for keeping a clutter-free home. Spring is the perfect time for sprucing up and with these tips in mind, your home just might be neat and tidy all year long.  

Don't be sentimental

Don't be sentimental about your "stuff." Don't get emotionally attached - whether it's Junior's first math homework or that sweater you "just know is coming back", it's time to let it go. Junior will have many more math assignments and the odds are good that the sweater will never be "in" again...and if it is, well, go splurge on a new one!

Have a charity of choice and give generously

Big Brothers, Big Sisters happens to be one of mine and, since they send a pick up crew if I call in advance, it makes giving a piece of cake. They visit our humble abode several times a year and are happy to cart away the clothes, toys, books and household items that are gently used and, well, no longer being used! Giving is twice as nice when helping others leads to a clutter-free home. In thinking of your charity of choice, consider local hospitals, women's shelters, daycare centers and even school fundraisers.

Have a large supply of trash bags and fill frequently

I thought we were good at this but the items unearthed in our basement and on our back porch would suggest otherwise. Broken strollers, games with missing pieces, books with missing pages, stuffed animals that have long been forgotten and are too "loved" to be accepted by any charity of choice. All of these belong in a trash bag on the curb. And that's where they now are!

Save selectively

Let's face it, you can't throw it ALL away. So, create a smart system for saving just a few things each year. There are some things you just need to hold cards, class pictures, those first hand prints, a few prized pieces of "art." Every year, create a folder for each child and keep only the most prime pieces. When the kids are grown, they will each have about a dozen neatly organized folders full of gems to look back on...and, I suspect they will be feel extremely sentimental when they do!

Organize stylishly

If you must have some clutter (and let's admit it, we all do!), why not make it look good? I have an array of "Memory Boxes" from Exposures that look great and store easily; there's one for each kid and they are already finding joy in their walks down memory lane. I also like to use pretty file folders - somehow putting the bills in a pretty paisley file that says "pay me" makes the task slightly less daunting. For more great ideas on keeping clutter controlled (and possibly even cute!), visit Buttoned Up - I recently did and found a few items I hope will help keep our home spring-time clean all year long!

Have any great spring cleaning tips or tricks of your own? Share with us in the comments!


About our Guest Contributor, Kerry:

Kerry is the SVP/Marketing here at House Party. When she's not wearing her marketing hat, Kerry enjoys spending time with her five children, husband and dog, Finnegan. Kerry runs her own blog where she shares more ideas like this and other survival tips for a busy mom of 5! //

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